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Charity Chairs charity.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 17:29:01 EST 2016

Hi Everyone,

We ask you to please read this email in its entirety to minimize confusion
as Charity Ball approaches this week.

1.Tomorrow at chapter is the last day to give us money for your Team
Packard shirt as we will be logging those hours shortly after chapter is
over. Also if you paid for a shirt please pick it up at chapter.

2. For those of you that are bringing dates that are not in APhiO to
Charity Ball we will be selling tickets at chapter for $10.  If you will
not be at chapter we will be having our committee members available early
in the week if you need to make arrangements to purchase a ticket.  All
members and pledges in APhiO are not required to have a ticket because
you’re already accounted for.  If you signed up on the interest event
earlier this month you are required to buy the ticket to get a Charity
Chair hour and for those who still wanted to bring a date you can still buy
them a ticket but you will not receive an hour because you did not sign up
on the website.

3. The Charity Ball will be Wednesday 11/16 from 7pm-10pm in the Baker
Ballroom and you are only required to stay for one hour.  We understand
that you’re all busy college students so we don’t expect everyone to stay
for the entire event but if you could that would be greatly appreciated.
With that being said there will be a sign-in/sign-out at the event to
ensure that each brother stays for at least one full hour.  Also please
keep in mind to not violate risk management before and during the event.

4.There are some more Charity Chair hours available on the website so if
you still need an hour from us make sure to check those out.  We will be
talking more about those at chapter this week.

5. Since Charity Ball is the night before History Night, pledges it would
be a good idea for you to bring your binders if you need any signature

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at our APhiO account
which is charity.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com

Thanks and have a good rest of your long weekend!
-Charity Chairs

*Jake Metersky*
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
Charity Chair

*Sammy Bullock*
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
Charity Chair
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