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Hello again everyone!

We sent out an email explaining the March Madness Tournament through the
ESPN website, but we just wanted to reiterate the information through a
personal email!
Ok so!-- To enter the tournament you will need to create a ESPN account,
for starters. You will then need to find our team and enter in.

Team name: Alpha Phi Omega (DG)
Password: alphaphiomega

To enter the tournament it will require you to pay $10 to us at Chapter on
Sunday or any time we can set up within the next week! The teams are
announced on March 13th and you can start entering your bracket then until
the 16th! (The signups lock on the website March 15th!)
Please sign up when you can for "March Madness Interest" on the APhiO
website by the 15th to indicate that you will be participating and to get
your hour! We will talk about this more at Chapter on Sunday! :)

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us!

Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!

Abby Fajack (513)253-5584
Macy Merle (937)269-7809
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