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*APhiO Chapter Minutes 1/31/16*


Swipe in week two

Office Hours: Thursday 12-1pm Scripps 108

Exec Meeting: Thursday 7pm Copeland 101

Mike Reilly (New Advisor)


            What this means for youuuuuuu?


Sectionals Registration opens this week!

Event on the website

Launch Online is up! Sign up and learn all about Leadership :)

Emailing people interested in Leadership Day tomorrow.

Event on February 13th

Run for an Exec Position!

Faculty Pageant (2)

JBoard (1)

Leadership (1)

Historian/Awards (1)


ATCO Bowling (4 Spots Left!)

Courtney Barnett, Haley Luedeke, Jordan Midcap, Madison Baumer, Clara
Paternite, Allison May, Katie Hermonowski Hannah Fajack, Sammy Bullock,
Hannah Longauer

Bobcathon Cake Donations

Good Works Walk

Committee - Monday, 8 pm - Schoonover lobby

GOT SWABBED - Ryors, Wednesday, 7-9

Pop Tabs/Box Tops

Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery - Wednesday 5-7

Give us or email us your sign ins :)


Family heads send in your events!!

family heads keep track of how many people dressed up at each chapter( if
you don’t srry)

DP dough and chill


Dessert Hangout



Question of the week:  What did you

guys think of the new Rush Format?

Financial Aid:  We’re working on it!

Themes of the week! FAMILY HEADS, tally up who participated and turn it
into us after chapter in order to get points… otherwise you get NOTHING!


Dues are $55.00 now!


We need to update the website. If you know someone below let us know if
they have dropped or contact them that we need their grades

Missing Grades: Carson Bock, Katie Viehbeck, Lauren Peyton, Madison Branch,
Shanti Epp

Nominations/Elections Update

Nominations are now 2/14/16

Elections are now 3/6/16

FP nominations are 3/6/16

FP elections are 3/20/16

Membership/Pledge Educators

Thanks for everyone that came to either Informal or Formal Rush!

Activation is this Friday, the 5th, at Walter Rotunda from 7-9.

Yes, we apologize because we know it’s Sibs Weekend, but if you have a
sibling waiting you can leave after the ceremony and not stay for the
celebration afterwards (but there will be a giant cake, so you should stay

**** Change: Big Apps due this Thursday!!!!!! ******

Charity Chairs

Bobcathon volunteer hours are officially up! So plz go sign up! Only 13
days left!

APhiO Team has raised $1,390.00 so far!

If you’re having trouble raising money come talk to us!

Committee members meet us for couple minutes after chapter

Shanti Epp, Madison Baumer, Carissa Pace, and Emily Schmitt

National Event Chairs

Youth Service Day:

Planning a “Spring Fling” event for local kids benefiting a Scholarship
Fund for High school students in Athens.

Small fundraisers and events throughout the week to help kids around Athens
and nationally.

Any ideas? Shoot us an email :)

`           nsec.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com

committee keep an eye out for an email from us!!!!

Faculty Pageant:


We will be posting more FP hours

very very shortly

Talk to us if you’re interested in

running for Faculty Pageant!

Committee: expect an email this



Tweets were fire!

Thank you everyone :)

Attendence is

a work in progress...

Have chapter quiz in by midnight Sunday!


Exec/Bro of the week from last week (and this week) come get goodie bags
after chapter!

Camera is out of commission at the moment so senior send-off message
recording will start the 14th!

Keep an eye out for events on website for it also

Membership/Pledgeducators see me after chapter!

Have a great week!


Sign up for the awards banquet on April 7th. It counts as a chapter hour
and it’s a great way to celebrate the seniors and all that they have
accomplished through APhiO.

My committee: If you cannot be at awards due to work or class please let me
know now so that we can figure out how to get your hours.

*Chapter Mins Quiz:*

When is activation?

How much have we raised for Bobcathon?

When do you have to have chapter minutes quiz in by?

*Communications Chair*
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter

Mackenzie Kistler
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