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Wed Jan 20 11:34:05 EST 2016

Hey y'all,

Sorry because this email is going to be long but I'd rather send one long
one than a bunch of short ones and spam you. Here goes:

First off shout out to all of the people who are taking part in PR week!
You guys are awesome and I love seeing timelines full of stuff about APhiO!
Kenzie has been working hard and I know that you guys are helping
immensely. You go Glenn Coco.

If you haven't seen the photos I put up on Facebook yet PLEASE go save them
and share them this week along with our hashtags! Thanks to those of you
who already have.

Secondly I put a Scrapbook Interest event on the website on JANUARY 24th.
Same as last semester, I provide scrapbooking materials for you to make
pages for your family. You have until March 27th to do it, so if you have a
creative bone in your body PLEASE consider making some pages! That way you
guys get a say in what goes in the scrapbook instead of just trusting my
creative intuition, though I think that's a good judgment call too.

On that same note if I'm missing pages from you from last semester please
try to get them to me sometime soon!

Third, I am working on the rush video for this semester and need you to
send me everything you have from this past semester/break if you haven't
already. You can even text me pictures if that's easier for you, but I
would love you long time if you sent me stuff. Thank you everyone who has
already, you are a HUGE help!

Lastly, Bro and Exec of the week start this Sunday so pretty please send me
nominations as I only get to see like 10% or less of you in action on a
weekly basis.


Anastasia Bradley
*Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*
*Delta Gamma Chapter*
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