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The due date for grades is less than a week away. We need your cumulative
GPA by January 17th at 11:59pm otherwise you will be on academic probation
until we get your grades. If you have an academic hold please let us know
that you have a hold (we don't need to know why you have the hold) and you
won't be placed on academic probation if your grades are not in by January
17th. If you need help finding your grades please email us and we will send
you directions.

If your name is on the list below then we do not have your grades yet. If
you know anyone whose name is on the list please try to contact them and
let them know that we don't have their grades.

   - Mackenzie Kistler
   - Sammy Bullock
   - Alayna Dill
   - Aric Simpson
   - Ashley Falencki
   - Ashley Romeo
   - Autumn Funderburg
   - Becky Pellish
   - Carson Bock
   - Courtney Barnett
   - Elijah Bowman
   - Emily Ianni
   - Grayson Willson
   - Haley Polsdorfer
   - Heather Brindza
   - Jen Deis
   - Jordyn Singerman
   - Kacie Goodwin
   - Katie Viehbeck
   - Kelsey Surmacz
   - Kim Maurer
   - Kristen Hencsei
   - Lauren Peyton
   - Madison Branch
   - Maggie Harris
   - Marissa Farrar
   - Mark Thomas
   - Mitch Simmons
   - Olivia Debevec
   - Sadie Lamparyk
   - Salvatore Dumas
   - Sara Whipple
   - Shanti Epp
   - Sydney Van Ness
   - Travis Ball
   - Tyler Gebhardt
   - Victoria Beekman
   - Zane Simon


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Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter

*Feinberg & May*
*-Sergeant at Arms- *

*Kevin Feinberg*
*(740)816-5072 <%28740%29816-5072>*

*Mark May*
*(937)830-4820 <%28937%29830-4820>*
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