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Hey everyone!

 For relay we really want to have people come and stay for as long as they
can! So even if you don't get an hour earlier in the event, come later!
It's gonna be so much fun, we have some really cool stuff planned for
everyone. The more you come, the better chance you have for having a pizza
party with your family at chapter! remember if you are on the waitlist,
that will not count for your at relay hour. So make sure you sign up for an
hour that doesn't have a wait list.  Get pumped it's gonna be great!

Also, in order to give others a chance to sign up for the earlier hours in
the event, you can only sign up for one hour.  We want you to stay for
longer if possible though! :) This doesn't mean that the hour you signed up
for is the only hour you can be there, you can be there the whole time if
you want! To give others a chance, we are going to un-sign anyone up for
any hours they signed up for after their first hour they signed up for.
For example, if Jane Doe signed up for 10 pm and 11 pm, we would remove her
from the 11 pm sign up.  So don't be shocked if you see that you have been
removed from a list, you can still come for that hour!

Thank you and let us know if you have any questions :)

Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
Relay for Life Co-Chairs

Kristen Hencsei
*kh028811 at ohio.edu <kh028811 at ohio.edu>*

Tracey Engle
*te753310 at ohio.edu <te753310 at ohio.edu>*

Morgan Sommers
*ms482011 at ohio.edu <ms482011 at ohio.edu>*
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