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Sat Jan 10 16:00:09 EST 2015

Below are the committee assignments. If you were planning on going abroad,
associate, or early alum you were assigned to J Board but if your status is
approved you will not have to serve on a committee you were placed on our
committee just in case something came up and you would need a
committee.These committees are not perfect I did my best to match the
people who made requests with the requested numbers by the exec's. Have a
great weekend and I hope you all have a great first week of class!!!



Abby Fajackhf707313 at ohio.eduMembershipAbby Woodaw226412 at ohio.eduFPAbigail
Eppleyae118011 at ohio.eduJ BoardAdam Roserar987011 at ohio.eduJ BoardAlexa
Gojdicsag014512 at ohio.eduRelayAlexa Kingak554311 at ohio.eduJ BoardAlexandra
Hamiltonah828511 at ohio.eduJ BoardAlexandria
Carrollac930911 at ohio.eduFinanceAlexis
Dixonad060312 at ohio.eduMembershipAlexis Simonas590313 at ohio.eduHistorianAlison
StykaAs163410 at ohio.eduMembershipAllie Mayam717212 at ohio.eduFPAllison Keller
ak334910 at ohio.eduJ BoardAlyssa Pasicznykap352311 at ohio.eduJ BoardAmanda
Breedloveab752810 at ohio.eduJ BoardAnastasia
Bradleyab185911 at ohio.eduInterviewAndrew
SandersDrewsefs13 at aol.comJ BoardAngela Steenasteen11 at yahoo.comJ BoardAnna
Gillenag429512 at ohio.eduRelayAnna Pfeifferap083012 at ohio.eduRelayArica
Gonzalesag850911 at ohio.eduAwardsAshley Falenckiaf278511 at ohio.eduRelayAshley
Romeoar303613 at ohio.eduMembershipAubrey Smockas727012 at ohio.eduFellowshipBailey
Noonanbn718714 at ohio.eduRelayBayley Hahnbh464413 at ohio.eduInterviewBecca
SampsonRs844311 at ohio.eduJ BoardBianca Baylisbb757413 at ohio.eduRelayBichelle
Jeffriesbj903913 at ohio.eduFPBriana Pattersonbp812610 at ohio.eduRelayBrianna
Gerhardbg720112 at ohio.eduFellowshipBridget Stocker
bridgetstocker92 at hotmail.comRelayCaitlin Wurstcw750914 at ohio.eduRelayCaleb
Balduffcb928510 at ohio.eduRelayCallie Rozsacr202413 at ohio.eduRelayCamberly
Oberlinco299610 at ohio.eduSWCaroline Fitzpatrickcf946213 at ohio.eduSWCarolyn
VanMatrecv575211 at ohio.eduMembershipCarson Bockcb283811 at ohio.eduJ BoardCassandra
Browncb209411 at ohio.eduMembershipCatherine FlemingCf474010 at ohio.eduJ BoardChasen
Brunnercb009011 at ohio.eduInterviewChloe Altomonteca016611 at ohio.eduInterviewChloe
Farmercf042710 at ohio.eduJ BoardCourtney Barnettcb734713 at ohio.eduMembershipDaniel
Inmandi521310 at ohio.eduJ BoardDanielle Whelandw758013 at ohio.eduRelayDavis
Robyndr557212 at ohio.eduFundriasingDina Berlinerdb794812 at ohio.eduFPDominicue
Dipietrodomdipietro011 at gmail.comJ BoardDominique Barnettdb769110 at ohio.eduJ
BoardElaine Cawec674212 at ohio.eduMembershipElizabeth Rondinella
Er061012 at ohio.eduFPEmily Hahneh345310 at ohio.eduJ BoardEmily Ianni
ei379711 at ohio.eduJ BoardEmily Mervineem395911 at ohio.eduJ BoardEmily Tusick
et986111 at ohio.eduMembershipEric Barwaczeb670410 at ohio.eduJ BoardErica Davis
ed327311 at ohio.eduMembershipErica Friedmanef722611 at ohio.eduFellowshipErica
Marvinem609411 at ohio.eduFellowshipErin Gallaghereg412512 at ohio.eduMembershipErin
Thalheimeret713710 at ohio.eduJ BoardGrace Connollygc823313 at ohio.eduRelayGrace
Mullengm807313 at ohio.eduMembershipGrayson Willsongwillson718 at gmail.com
MembershipHailey Cartthc734312 at ohio.eduFellowshipHayley Mccandless
Hm802910 at ohio.eduJ BoardHaylie Fogthf345313 at ohio.eduFellowshipHeather
Brindzahb770412 at ohio.eduJ BoardHeather Davidsonhd748010 at ohio.eduJ BoardHolly
Kinghk634311 at ohio.eduJ BoardJaci Mullallyjm174112 at ohio.eduFellowshipJake
Meterskyjm284113 at ohio.eduServiceJazmin Stokesjs393611 at ohio.eduInterviewJessica
Kingjk226212 at ohio.eduMembershipJessica Raczakjr227011 at ohio.eduJ BoardJordyn
Midcapjm654212 at ohio.eduRelayJoseph Leonardjl607810 at ohio.eduJ BoardKacie
Goodwinkg839711 at ohio.eduRelayKaila Potochnikkp905111 at ohio.eduFundriasingKaley
Cooleykc598611 at ohio.eduInterviewKasi Reedkr243411 at ohio.eduRelayKathryn
Kendallkk531710 at ohio.eduJ BoardKatie Lallykl850512 at ohio.edu5kKeily Balduff
kb641512 at ohio.eduAwardsKelly Johnstonkj109710 at ohio.eduFellowshipKelly Scully
ks563310 at ohio.eduRelayKelsey Kuharkk723713 at ohio.eduMembershipKelsey Surmacz
ks363012 at ohio.eduMembershipKelsie Rinardkr534412 at ohio.eduFinanceKelsie Webb
kw545112 at ohio.eduMembershipKim Maurerkm877812 at ohio.eduRelayLarissa Bradford
lb990711 at ohio.eduServiceLaura Mullinslm334312 at ohio.eduJ BoardLauren Casarona
lc811210 at ohio.eduJ BoardLauren Elmorele517712 at ohio.eduFellowshipLauren
Mathielaurenmathie at yahoo.comRelayLibby Wertzew476913 at ohio.eduInterviewLila
Moorelila.moore at maine.eduMembershipMackenzie Kistlermk283913 at ohio.edu
HistorianMackenzie Leskovecml124513 at ohio.eduRelayMadison Baumer
Mb982213 at ohio.eduFellowshipMadison Branchmb455313 at ohio.eduFPMadison Gliem
mg597610 at ohio.eduJ BoardMaggie Gibsonmg111511 at ohio.eduMembershipMaggie
Harrismh255611 at ohio.eduRelayMaggie Shaverms332613 at ohio.eduFellowshipMallory
Hartmh326610 at ohio.eduJ BoardMargaret Bajicmb574310 at ohio.eduJ BoardMaria
Braffordmb538810 at ohio.eduJ BoardMaria Letiziaml127011 at ohio.eduFPMaria Simon
ms803412 at ohio.eduRelayMarissa Griesmarmg157411 at ohio.eduFundraisingMark May
markamay at live.comMembershipMarlee Hoffmanmh278111 at ohio.eduRelayMary DiCesare
md309910 at ohio.eduJ BoardMaryssa Beasleymb543912 at ohio.eduMembershipMckenzie
Powellkp930011 at ohio.eduJ BoardMegan
Fitzgeraldmf043310 at ohio.eduFellowshipMichael
Gallomg916710 at ohio.eduJ BoardMichaela
Meakinmmeakin93 at gmail.comFundriasingMiranda
Riddlemr267909 at ohio.eduJ BoardMollie Mackovjakmolliemack24 at gmail.com5kMolly
Klemanmk160509 at ohio.eduJ BoardMorgan Forsythemf427710 at ohio.eduJ BoardMorgan
Robertsmgroberts92 at yahoo.comJ BoardNancy Hoopernh170311 at ohio.edu5kNatalie
Biglernb865111 at ohio.eduInterviewNick Reesnrrees13 at gmail.comSWNicole Drockton
nd952111 at ohio.eduMembershipNicolette Manningnm928312 at ohio.eduAwardsNigel
Sullivanns007012 at ohio.eduJ BoardNikole Bakernb936111 at ohio.eduJ BoardNina
Yokeny293213 at ohio.eduFPOlivia Debevecod366412 at ohio.eduFellowshipOlivia
Muskinom628013 at ohio.eduMembershipPaige Millerpm691112 at ohio.eduServiceRachael
PottnerRachael.pottner at gmail.comJ BoardRachel Hinklerh340811 at ohio.eduSWRachel
Niesern498311 at ohio.eduFundraisingRachel Randallrr59212 at ohio.eduFellowshipRachel
Stogdillstogdillrachel at yahoo.comFellowshipRebecca Cherryrc335812 at ohio.edu
MembershipRobert Burkerb906511 at ohio.eduJ BoardSadie Lamparyk
sl530214 at ohio.eduFPSam Abaffysa225512 at ohio.eduJ BoardSam Kissinger
sk474911 at ohio.eduServiceSam Lyttlesl665111 at ohio.eduFundriasingSam Shaw
SS087510 at ohio.edu5kSamantha Brunnersb625410 at ohio.edu5kSammy Bullock
sb611613 at ohio.eduServiceSana SelemonSana.selemon at yahoo.comRelaySarah Minor
sm508710 at ohio.eduJ BoardSarah Spadaforess637910 at ohio.eduJ BoardSarah Vaughn
sv225313 at ohio.eduInterviewShanti Eppse130212 at ohio.eduMembershipStephanie
Snyderss143310 at ohio.eduJ BoardStephen Bellsb950711 at ohio.eduFPStuart Eitzman
stuarteitzman at gmail.comHistorianSydney
Goldsteinsg805211 at ohio.eduInterviewTaylor
Clarktc603512 at ohio.eduRelayTess Heronth112812 at ohio.eduJ Board

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