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Fellowship Chairs fellowship.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 15:29:11 EST 2015

Hey Bros,

* only pay attention if you haven't filled out survey on facebook*

I hope everyone is having a great break or memorable experience at give
kids the world! Below is a survey for everyone to take!

Last Semester we had a ton of interest in having aphio mugs being created!
I went ahead and made a survey to see if we have a large enough crowd of
people that will order them. We need a minimum of 72 mugs purchased through
customink (cheapest, I think)! They will be between 5-7 dollars each (
totally worth it) Please answer truthfully! If you aren't sure put maybe!
Also, only fill this survey once by friday 1/8!


Rachel & Cassie

VP of Fellowship

Rachel Randall
rr592912 at ohio.edu

Cassie Pecuszok
cp070613 at ohio.edu
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