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Hello everybody! We hope that your finals went well. We just have some
important information that you all need to go over.


Now that the semester is finally over please remember to send your grades
in. We need your cumulative GPA by January 17th at 11:59pm otherwise you
will be on academic probation until we get your grades. If you have an
academic hold please let us know that you have a hold (we don't need to
know why you have the hold) and you won't be placed on academic probation
if your grades are not in by January 17th. If you need help finding your
grades please email us and we will send you directions.


We just contacted all of the execs about their committee requests and we
have an event on January 5th for Committee Requests that everyone has to
sign up for. Do not email us your request. Only requests for people who
sign up on the website will be considered. If you have any questions about
the committees please feel free to ask.

*Associate/Early Alum/Abroad Requests*

If you would like to submit an associate/early alum/abroad request there is
an event on the website on January 17th. Please follow the directions in
the event.

We hope you have a great winter break. We look forward to seeing all of you
next semester!

*Judiciary Board*
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter

*Feinberg & May*
*-Sergeant at Arms- *

*Kevin Feinberg*

*Mark May*
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