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This is our last email to remind you if you have not already done so to please send in your grades. If you do not email us your grades before midnight on Monday (8/31/15) you will be placed on probation until we have received your cumulative GPA. 

It is important to note if you have an academic hold for what ever reason just tell us that you have a hold and we will not place you on probation for not sending in your grades. However, you will need to send in your grades as soon as they become available to you. 

We apologize in the event that you have already sent in your grades and your name is still on our list. We have been checking through our emails to make sure we have not missed anything. In the event that we have missed your email and your name is on this list please resend your grades. 

If you are an executive and you do not send in your grades you will be removed from office for being on probation. 

If you wish to go early alum or associate this fall please sign up on the website and follow the directions for the event on 8/31/15.

Below are the names that we still need grades from. If you are not on that list then we do not need your grades and you will not be placed on probation for not turning in your grades. If you know someone on that list let them know that we need their grades in case they don't see this email. 


Missing Grades From:

Kristen Hencsei
Mahogany Person

Abby Fajack
Alexandra Hamilton
Alexis Simon
Allie May
Amanda Myers
Anna Gillen
Ashley Romeo
Aubrey Smock
Becca Sampson
Bianca Baylis
Caitlin Wurst
Carson Bock
Christine Baucco
Claire Hanna
Courtney Rump
Ellen Fisher
Emily Ianni
Hailey Cartt
Hailie Badach
Haley Polsdorfer
Heather Brindza
Jessika Barone Tietjen
Katie Lally
Katie Meehan
Katie Viehbeck
Kelly Johnston
Kelsey Kuhar
Kim Maurer
Kristen Rost
Madison Branch
Maggie Gibson
Maggie Harris
Maria Simon
Mary Gould
Maryssa Beasley
Nicole Kromalic
Paige Charissa Miller
Salvatore Dumas
Shanti Epp
Sydney Van Ness
Tess Heron
Tyler Gebhardt
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