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Below are position descriptions for each exec position written by the current brothers who hold that position. We will be holding nominations again on Sunday. If you are interested in any of the positions please consider running. Have a great day. 



J Board

Basically what we do is we are  responsible for the website and listserv, having risk management once a semester, upholding the constitution and by-laws, collect grades, assign committees, run elections, go to chapter, go to exec meetings on Mondays, hold office hours (set on our schedule), and conduct the probation report.

Now J Board is a position that has the majority of the work done during the summer and winter vacation and first two weeks of the semester. What we have left to do during the semester is risk management, update brother statuses on the website, elections, and attending chapter, exec meetings, and office hours. What skills you develop as a J Board executive are being able to make difficult decisions in relations to probation/risk management, be flexible and work with people, manage brothers through the website and assign people to committees, and work closely with the president and membership and the other executives.

Membership Chair 

Prepare theme
Runs all Rush Events: Involvement Fair, Rush PR: Facebook events, chalking, and flyering, Informal/ Formal Rush (book rooms)
Matching Bigs/Littles works with membership)  
Work with membership with interviews
Working throughout the semester on new recruitments ideas and retention
Pledge Educators

Run Pledge meetings
Match Big Littles
Work with rush chair
Run all ceremonies
Big Little night

Faculty Pageant

In charge of the Faculty Pageant which is one of the mandatory events during spring semester. In charge of booking the venue, writing scripts, organizing faculty members, and ensuring there are enough opportunities for everyone in the chapter to receive 2 faculty pageant hours.

The faculty pageant takes place every year in honor of Ava Nichols. The faculty pageant chairs are in charge of choosing the charity which the proceeds made from the faculty pageant will go to. The charity must be related to childhood cancer in some way. 


I run chapter meetings and EXEC meetings. Hold office hours once a week. I try and be the mediator in meetings and for the chapter. Answer all questions, forward e-mails to the correct exec members, work closely with all positions throughout the semester. In charge of room reservations, and helping out with risk management.


Be at the chapters and exec meetings to record the minutes for these meetings. Responsible to send out slides the morning of chapter. Also help JBoard with attendance and voting. 

Youth Service

Responsibilities are to maintain current youth service projects, expand and grow into new areas always looking for new service projects, keep good relationships with the people we already work with, create or plan a project for the Spring Youth Service day, collect pop tabs and box tops, always award people their hours, attend chapter and exec meetings. 

Service Week

Service Week is a national week of service.  Every fraternity is required to plan and execute a week of service designed around a specified theme.  The goal of service week is to expose brothers to a new topic by planning events within the community or campus that promote service and education. It is run by 2 chairs and is during the month of November


We do financial aid and deal with problems that arise with the chapter. We are the liaison between the chapter and the exec board. Also conduct mid year review. Also are in charge on the Anonymous email account.


Raise money for the chapter to allow us to do service events and overall stay as a chapter at Ohio University. Each active member is required to get 2 fundraising hours, one is allowed to be donation while the other must be actually doing a fundraising hour. One donation hour is equal to $10.00. 


The description for the Relay chair is to get fundraising for the American Cancer Society from the members of Alpha Phi Omega.  We also spread awareness for Relay for Life and get members of our fraternity to participate.  We organize and run the survivorship dinner and we are a part of the Relay OU committee.  The luminary ceremony is also our responsibility.  The chairs are expected to stay the entire time of relay the night it runs.  We fund raise during mom's weekend with chippendale's.  We also make sure the whole chapter participates in relay at least 2 hours with fundraising and walking at relay. 

Interchapter Relations

-Keeps contact with other chapters about fellowship and service events.

-Plans Sectionals trip Every Spring, Regionals (Odd Years) and Nationals (Even Years) every other year.

-Fundraising for Conferences

-Helps with Picking and training voting delegates.

-Works to get information about chapter visits and chapter ceremoniea. 


PR exec is responsible for advertising for the fraternity. Daily duties can include tweeting or posting pictures about weeklies, upcoming events, or times of meetings/chapter. Pr for major events can include making flyers and distributing them, chalking, tweeting and getting other organizations to retweet or post about it, making banners to be displayed at campus gate, or shown on Bakers computers, creating Facebook events, and writing press releases.  PR exec works closely with all exec members to ensure their specific events get the representation necessary to achieve a successful event.


-Spend two semesters fundraising for a charity
-Pick charity options and have chapter vote 
-Plan at least 3 events: moms weekend, dinner and 5k 
-Organize various fundraisers


Plan/Organize/Run events for the chapter
-seasonal (pumpkin patch, homecoming, Christmas party)
-campus events (upc, concerts, etc)
Keep up with Family Heads/Family Events


Awards Chair is responsible first and foremost for planning and executing the Awards Banquet (Senior Send-off) in the Spring. This is ideal for someone interested in party planning and for someone comfortable with crafting, baking and working on a budget. 

In addition, you are expected to write awards proposals for OU awards as well as national recognition. Weekly, you are expected to bring and keep the Happy Box stocked, read it aloud at chapter, bake cookies for birthdays, keep the birthday list updated, and make the ending slides.


- Run, maintain, manage and coordinate the chapter's community service program. 

- Manage all service events, and all events that grant service hours, unless the event(s) in question are delegated to another (ex: Youth Service and the youth service program)*. 

- Maintain the records of brother's service hour records (for the entire chapter) by awarding or deducting service hours earned from completing events.

- Uphold the service hour requirement. 

- Contact and effectively communicate with community service organizers and coordinators, and inform the chapter of volunteer opportunities.  

- Resolve issues relating to service hours or events. 

Skills earned:

- Effective management skills (by maintaining the chapter's service program) 
- Exemplary leadership skills  (by running the chapter's service program)
- Good people skills (by working with project coordinators)
- Effective communication skills  


The taking and accepting of photographs pertaining to the service, fellowship, and leadership of this fraternity. The ability to keep all photographs and records of each class in this fraternity organized and open for public viewing using Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. For each rush event, Fall and Spring, Historian is required to make a short video for the event, as well as boards for display. The last task of historian is to attend a pledge meeting to give the history of our chapter, as well as attend all mandatory events, as reading during ceremonies is an important part of the position.

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