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1) When are senior sendoff videos due?

2) When is the membership picnic?

3) What is the pledge service project?

Chapter Minutes 3/30

Special Guest: Zainab Kandeh from Student Senate- Action: extend grab and
go hours and alden floor hours


-EXECS Monday 9pm in Grover West 119

-the rest of the EXEC meetings of this semester will be held on Wednesday's
at 7:30

-Office Hours- Wednesday from 3-4 at west 82


-Question of the week: What kind of things would you like to see at the
senior send off?

-Theme for next week is: Wear letters!!


-Thank you for coming to Risk Management. To make it up for not going
you'll need to come to our office hours

-Nominations: next week too

·         Relay: Halie Badarch, Mackenzie Lescovic

·         Faculty Pageant: Katie Herman, Tara Nolan

·         Youth Service: Kiley Landusky

·    Membership: Jen Deis, Kristen Hencsei

-Office Hours Monday's from 12:30-1:30 at Front Room


-April 25th!!! Be paid by then or forever suffer from the consequences...


-Weeklies are up

-Stop emailing our personal accounts...please

-Pancake breakfast time change

-Cat Care: the chapter is in very real danger of losing this event if
people continue to not show up/drop out at the last minute. We will now
vote on one of two options: drop the event or if you don't attend/drop out
at the last minute you can no longer take part in it, second option wins

-Camp Quality trip leader forms due today

-GKTW interest only event up this week, if you have emailed us, your name
will be on the event, still accepting trip leader application forms

-Dog walking form issues

-Rollover hours: they aren't automatic so send us a request and we will
convert them

-Please put your name on/turn in complete sign ins and outside hour

-Friends+Neighbors: Cornhole Tournament


-Pledge Service Project: ABH (Appalachian Behavioral Health), Psych and
Social Work Majors, must attend orientation, 5:00 on Tuesday at ABH, 7:00
and 8:00 on Wednesday

-History Night- April 17th

-Initiation- April 25th

-Ordering service pins this week, if you need a replacement let us know by
Wednesday, they are $5

-Anymore themes for next semester's rush and t-shirt designs, email the
membership account

-Signature Parties- April 1st @ 7:30 in Grover E304, April 10th @ 8 in
Grover E205, April 14th @ 7:30 in Grover E205. Come help the pledges get
their signatures


-Future Swag

-Membership Picnic/ Color Wars April 27th, sign up on the website and put
if you are vegetarian and if you can drive


-Senior videos before Chapter next Sunday, we will do it every Sunday
before chapter until the 20th

-Videos are due on April 20th

-Sign up for the senior event on the website/make sure you are or are not
on the senior list

Faculty Pageant

-Sorry for not being at chapter last week

-If you have Insomnia Cookie Receipts give them to Val

-Buy a FP shirt, only $10!

-If you have stamps give them to Danielle

-Interested in being a FP chair? Talk to us!

-Interested in being a Camp Quality companion? Sign up on the website event


-Thanks to all who went to Bob Evans! WE NEED RECEIPTS!

- Next weekend is Mom's Weekend, be nice and buy her a car decal or make
sure she buys one for herself

-Come buy swag from us! Starting next week sign up on the website with what
you want to buy and we will bring just those to chapter

Youth Service

-Pop tabs and box tops to Chelsea

-PinWheels for prevention tomorrow, I sent you guys an email


-Mom's Weekend is coming up! We really need more Chippendales so sign up!

-If you haven't yet picked up your shirt contact Carolyn, you can come pick
it up at my apartment Monday and Wednesday. If you don't pick your shirts
soon we are giving them to fundraising to sell

-Hours will be up tomorrow, we will send out an email when they are up,
some of the sign-ins got messed up so if you do not get your hours or yours
are wrong email us and let us know


-COME TO THE MOM'S WEEKEND EVENT!! Saturday April 5th from 11am-2pm in the
Bobcat Student Lounge, Baker 1st floor, it is one fellowship hour


-Committee look out for an email I sent

Awards Banquet

-April 30th- sign up on the website

-Senior superlative sheet- please answer then hand to the end of the row,
actives only!

Heather Davidson
Secretary- Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity- Delta Gamma Chapter
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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