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Minutes Quiz:

1) Where is big little night?

2) when is risk management?

3) when is the 5k?

4) How many donation hours are you allowed per semester?

Chapter Minutes 3/16

Speaker: Allison- Wiffle Mania April 10th, proceeds go to summer reading


-Office Hours: Wednesday 3-4:15 in West 82

-Exec meeting: NOT THIS WEEK

-If you are coming to chapter late next week because of the event that is


-Question of the week: Are there any suggestions on how to increase PR for
our chapter?

-Theme for next week is: Jersey Night! Sport! Where your favorite team's


-Risk Management is Sunday March 30th from 1-3pm in Morton 235

-Pledges and Brothers who pledged last semester must attend

-Office Hours Mondays from 12:30-1:30 at front room


-Dues are $70 for actives and $35 for associate

-If you are on a payment plan start paying me


-Most of the weeklies are up

-Changes in Petsmart Cat Care- due to problems with attendance we are now
locking events early

-Upcoming events- C.O.P.E Volunteers, Sectional Fabric Donations, HBO game
of throne volunteers, FOTS pancake breakfast volunteers

-Donation Hours- you are only allowed 4 a semester, we will start to go
through and delete any excess hours this week

-GKTW trip leaders...sorry I never sent the email!

-We as a chapter will be doing Athens Beautification Day, however we are
waiting to hear back from the organizers about setting up a team so as soon
as we do we will email you all and an event will go up on the website, if
you are signed up with another team just let us know


-Big Little night is on Wednesday at 8 in RYORS Basement: Hunger Games
theme ice cream social, coordinate with your family, if you have any
questions contact Kelly

-Signature Parties will be coming soon

-Make sure you are getting your stuff done with your littles please!

-Let the pledges interview you


-Windbreaker money by next chapter or you will not get one! - $31 because
of sale, money drop off times during the week with committee

-Skyzone-  only 33 people are signed up so its going to cost $18 if no one
else signs up, sign-ups lock tonight at 11pm and close the 23rd, we need to
collect money ahead of time

-HBO Game of Thrones Event- if you are in the 2nd shift you will be allowed
to be late to chapter, Stacey is giving Molly a list of names


-Senior send off videos- due APRIL 13th

-Send me more photos!

-Seniors/Early Alum sign up for the event on March 22nd, or your cords will
not be ordered and you won't get them at senior sendoff

Faculty Pageant

-If you have money for t-shirts bring your money to me after chapter and
pick up your t-shirt!

-If you want to buy a t-shirt they will be $10

-Bring me your Insomnia cookie receipts

-And we have some biiiiigggg news: S.A.B liked the faculty pageant so much
and Camp Quility that they are donating $1000 to Camp Quality!

-If you are interested in volunteering at CQ sign up on the site and I will
contact you!


-Fest Tank/Koozie sales this week

-Sign up for DP Dough and Bob Evans

-A5O donations are coming in

-Bracect Challenge- $5 per bracket, 2 max, 50% prize money

-espn.com/tournamentchallenge, group name: aphio.deltagamma; password:bobcat

-submit by beginning of round 64, 3/20, sign ups lock on Wednesday at 8:00

Youth Service

-Chauncey Elementary Library this week on weds!

-Turn in sing-ins please

-pop tabs and box tops to Chelsea

-can being Chelsea your snacks for schools donations tonight or next week's

- reminder that you can only get 4 service hours for donations, if you turn
in full hours for both pop tabs and box tops you cannot get service hours
for other donation events

-* Fundraiser at the Pigskin*! It's on* March 23rd at 4 pm*, it is a wing
eating contest! $10 a person and 4 people per team. The winning team gets a
pigskin gift card and other miscellaneous items from The Pigskin.Helps
rebuild the All Saint's Camp in Nassau, Bahamas

   -We help people who have diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Cerebral Palsy, and
those who may struggle with addiction problems.

   -There are also many children who live in The All Saint's Camp who have
pretty much nothing, no shoes, food, toys, and many relatives who are
frequently murdered.

   -Help rebuild houses, sidewalks, fences, and feed residents.

**It will not be for a service hour, but it's for a good cause! Come see me
after chapter if you're interested in going :) **



-We have shirts so come get yours! Please wear them to Relay!

-We added more people for walking each to 15 so the first 3 on the waiting
list are now off the waiting list and there are a bunch of open spots so go
sign up!

-Luminary service is at 9:30, if you want to see it please come around 9.

-Luminary service readers, I will be emailing you this week and we will
meet early on the day of so plan to be there by 8-8:30

-BOYS! We need Chippendales and someone to be in Miss Relay, if you are
interested in being Miss Relay come talk to me, it will count as 2 relay

-If you haven't registered yet please go to relayforlife.org/OU and sign up
for our team (Alpha Phi Omega), we would love for you all to donate the $10
but if you can't choose the pay later option

-Email your friends and family! We are trying to reach $2000 by Friday

-PRIZES! For fundraising the most: Morgan Roberts; For most Relay hours so
far: Morgan Sommers and Caleb Howell

-Fun things happening throughout the night: prizes for those who stay the
longest/all night, the person wearing the most purple, hula hoop
competition, board games (if you own games please bring them!), if we have
money left over from the dinner we will be buying pizza and snacks for the
late night crowd!


-Sectionals is this week!

-Donate fabric to me


-We set a day for the 5k- it will be October 4th at Tailgate Park

-Mom's weekend event- Saturaday April 5th from 11-2 , get pictures with
your mom! First floor of Baker in the student lounge, there will be
food/music. Worth a fellowship hour

Service Week

-If you have not done so yet please go onto the googledoc sent out about
last years service week shirts if you ordered one

-our theme is Respect for Others: we are seeking out ideas about what
everyone feels they advocate for! Contact us!

-Committee: we will start meeting in the next couple of weeks


-Wear your letters on Wednesday!

Heather Davidson
Secretary- Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity- Delta Gamma Chapter
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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