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Hey Guys!

Thanks so so much for taking the survey!

The date is: Wednesay, March 19th.

The theme issss. . . .HUNGER GAMES! Each family will have an assigned
district, and they will dress to represent their district. I posted the
link to the different parade outfits below so you can get some ideas:


Here are the families and their districts!

BetaDistrict 1-luxury items/jewelryEpsilonDistrict 2-stone
cutting/fighting/weapon making (masonry)IotaDistrict
3-electronics/technologyKappaDistrict 4-fishingLambdaDistrict 5-electrical
powerMuDistrict 6-transportationOmicron District 7-lumber/paperNuDistrict
8-textilesPiDistrict 9-grainPsiDistrict 10-livestockRho
District 11-agricultureTheta

District 12-coal mining

good luck! This can be as lavish as you want to make it!

Eric Barwacz
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Caleb Howell
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
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Kelly Schlabach
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