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Tue Jan 21 21:17:44 EST 2014

Hello Bros.

Only those who ordered spirit jerseys need to read this email.

This email is coming from Victoria not the two current fellowship chairs.
The spirit jerseys have been shipped and should arrive next week. The
company is in California and the processing of the order alone was a long
one and so will the shipping. I should have the spirit jerseys at the
chapter after next. I will send another email at that time when received.
This email should answer your questions but if not your questions can be
directed at me, Victoria.

If you email or text me this week, I may not respond as my family has
experienced a devastating tragedy recently and I am currently coping with
that. If you have some sort of emergency about the spirit jerseys please
mark urgent on your email and I will try to get to it. If not, I will email
you next week with the details about when and where I will have the spirit


*Emma Thompson*

*et649911 at ohio.edu <vv246109 at Ohio.edu>**412.877.8288*
*VP of Fellowship*

*Stephanie Snyder*
*ss143310 at ohio.edu <am232009 at ohio.edu>*
*VP of Fellowship*
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