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Afternoon everyone,

Below is a list of service events we currently do not have sign ins or
hours accounted for:

*ATCO Uno* : January 21st
*Hats For Heads *: January 22nd
*Athens County Dog Walking* : January 23rd
*Petsmart Catcare* : January 26th
*(Youth Service) Calliope Childcare* : January 27th
*kennedy Gallery Guard (Morning)* : January 28th
*ATCO Crafts* : January 28th
*Petsmart Catcare* : January 31st
*Kennedy Gallery Guards* : February 2nd
*(Youth Service) Calliope Childcare *: February 3rd
*ATCO Crafts: *February 4th (sign in already accounted for)
*Monday Lunch* : February 10th
*(Youth Service) Calliope Childcare* : February 10th
*ATCO Uno* : February 11th
*(Youth Service) West Elementary Library helpers* : February 12th

*- If you attended one of these events:* Talk with the people you attended
the event with to see who has the sign in. Once you find the sign in (or
make a new one if one was never made at the event) turn it in as soon as

*- If you attended one of these events and already turned a sign in for it:
*email us (or youth service if it is one of their events) ASAP so we can
resolve the issue.

As in the past if we have not receive any sign in for an service event a
month after it occurred, that event is liable to be deleted. So please turn
these sign ins in!


*Vice Presidents of ServiceAlpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*

* Robert Burke         Larissa Bradford937.239.3104


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