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This is the one week reminder that your grades need to be in by midnight on 2/9/14 or we will deactivate you. Below is a list of names that we still need grades from. The reason why we are pushing for grades is so we can clean up the website and remove people who are no longer in the fraternity, and give membership a list of people who are on probation and can  not take a little. Currently we have grades from 175 people,  but we are missing grades from from 56 people and have 56 people going early alum/associate and have 44 people from the previous pledge class who can not take a little. Please email J-Board your GPA or you can text it to me. If you are going to text me please include your first and last name. Thank you very much and have a great weekend!!!!

Abby Miller
Abigail Day
Abigail Millar
Alexa King
Arica Gonzales
Audrey Neel
Bobby Davis
Bonnie Fitzpatrick
Bradley Bailey
Brandon Lucarelli
Briana Patterson
Caitlin Long
Carly Finton
Carmen Franklin
Emily Deeds
Emily King
Emily Mervine
Erik Schauf
Erika Davis
Genna Stoffel
Jane Brooker
Jessica Stewart
Kathryn Slotta
Katie Kulasa
Kayla Miklas
Keily Balduff
Kelly Scully
Kelsey Davis
Kelsey Miller
Kristen Hencsei
Kristi Flesher
Krystan Krucki
Libby Newberry
Maggie Gibson
Marco Campolo
Maria Brafford
Maura McGinty
Max Weaver
McKenna Dean
Melanie Oreskovich
Melissa Hayden
Michael Gallo
Michaela Meakin
Miranda Riddle
Mollie Mackovjak
Nick Rees
Olivia Biello
Paige Formanek
Rorkeh Hardy
Sam Abaffy
Stacy Boesch
Stephanie Born
Taylor Clark
Tiphanie Woods
Veronica Sefchik
Zane Simon


Kevin Feinberg

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