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Hello everybody,

Attached below is a list of people who have not reached their service hour
requirement for this semester. If you are on this list and don't reach your
requirement by the end of the semester (which is May 3rd),  you will be put
on probation. Several of you that have contacted us already and are on
track to receive all your hours by the end of the semester, however most of
you have not. *On that note, If you are on this list I highly encourage you
to meet with one of us sometime this weekend if you have not already done
so.* I have office hours from 4:00pm-10:00pm today and from 8:00pm-11:00pm
tomorrow at Donkey coffee at 17 West Washington Street (again, please
contact me so I know you are coming. I will be going to get food and
running short errands throughout the day). Aside from that, you can contact
Larissa and arrange to meet with her or contact me and set up a different
time to meet with me if the times above do not fit your schedule.

*Seniors: you are not exempt from completing your hours*, if you get put on
probation and can't make it up (because you will not be returning next
semester)- you are running the risk of being placed on the deactivated list
- and that is the last thing I personally want to see happen. Finish strong
and get those hours in!

If you already have a plan together to complete you hours, you don't even
have to meet with us- just send us a quick email describing what your plan
is and make sure you complete that plan. Just remember the hour total that
is shown on the website is what counts as your total and we can't update
that total without sign ins or outside hour documentation, so please factor
in getting those to us into your plans.

As always, let us know if you have any questions



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