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Hello all!

Once again, I will be having office hours today from 6pm-11pm at Donkey
coffee- look for me on the 2nd floor Also, tomorrow I will be holding
office hours from 2:30pm-3:30pm at Donkey again (notice a pattern here?).
If you are planning on coming tomorrow send me a message at 937-239-3104 as
if no one shows up I will be leaving early to run errands before

Pledges:* I highly recommend you give your service hours one last final
check before tomorrow to make sure everything is in order!* You need to
complete all your hours in order to be initiated into the chapter. If you
find any discrepancies come see me tonight or tomorrow and we can get them

Actves: *I recommend you give your service hours one final check too*.
Tomorrow is the deadline to get your service hours done. If you need more
time to get things done you need to email both service and j-board with a
excuse why you haven't got your hours so far so we can give you time.
Otherwise, I will assume you don't intend on finishing your hours and will
send your name into J-board as not having completed your service

Again, come see me if you have any questions or need to turn in sign
ins/outside hour requests (which are also due tomorrow.

Cheers and good luck on finals!

*Vice Presidents of ServiceAlpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*

* Robert Burke         Larissa Bradford937.239.3104


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