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Hey guys!
Ignore this if you aren't registered for regionals/not planning on going to
We need to try and book the hotel rooms very soon, like no later than this
Sunday, to ensure booking enough rooms for all of our bros. As of right
now, it will be $45 (including tax) per person for both nights. We have 15
bros going so we're planning on getting 3 rooms (5 bros to a room). Since
we need to put it on one of our own debit/credit cards, we need the money
for the hotel rooms ASAP! (Sorry this is such short notice). If you guys
could get that money to me by FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1ST, that would be amazing.
If not then PLEASE PLEASE bring it to chapter on Sunday. The quicker we can
book these hotel rooms, the better! Text me/email me and we will figure out
a time and place to meet!
ALSO, I was hoping to get everyone together to meet just so we could
discuss some things about regionals. I wanted Buddha to be there also and I
know he is available tomorrow, Thursday, around 6. Would that time work for
everyone else?? Let me know :)
Thanks guys!

Inter-chapter Relations
Alpha Phi Omega Delta Gamma
Kayla Marks
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