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Wed Mar 27 15:31:08 EDT 2013

Hey guys!

We'll have the Relay T-shirts at Senior Send-off tonight at Walter Rotunda!
However, since I (Sara) have the shirts, you'll have to wait until after
the event to get them! (I'll be at ATCO Bowling from 5-7pm)

Also: We logged all of the Relay hours. PLEASE GO ON THE SITE AND CHECK
YOUR HOURS. Some of the sign-in sheets were horrendous when Danielle and I
tried to decipher some of the names, and other people did not sign the
sign-in sheet at all. If we made any mistakes, please don't hesitate to let
us know! And for everyone else who still needs hours: Check in on Mom's
Weekend really soon. We'll let you know when we have tabling hours online,
and we're also going to add a letter-writing party or two. So stay tuned!

As always, if there's anything else you need from us-- please feel free to
get in contact with us :)

Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
Relay for Life Co-Chairs

Sara Beyoglides
sb332609 at ohio.edu

Danielle Fultz
df376707 at ohio.edu

Robert Burke
rb906511 at ohio.edu
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