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Chapter Minutes 3/24/13

Quiz!!! ***The prize is a $10 Chipotle gift card!***

   1. How much $$$ did Relay raise?
   2. What mandatory event is happening this Wednesday?
   3. What do the Pop Tabs we collect go to?


   - We got great feedback! Jamie, Kayla and Mesha did an AMAZING job!!!!!!
   Thank you to Ashley and Molly who ran a workshop! Sounds like all the other
   chapters and staff had a great time too!


- Backdrop is having a volleyball tournament! April 12th 5pm benefits
Passion Works $5 per person to register, teams of 6, there will be free
food, corn hole, and water balloon fights! You can pay at the event


   - Give Dom a hug!
   - Office hours Tuesday 2-3pm in Baker 312
   - There will be no chapter next week because of Easter! Look for a paper
   chapter and/or any announcements
   - Senior Superlative Voting! Pledges can NOT vote, take your time
   filling them out, leave your ballot on your seat at the end of chapter and
   they will be collected


   - Feedback on Relay/Sectionals
   - Be mindful what you post on social networking sites
   - Any comments in the suggestion box!!


   - It’s time for nominations again!
      - Youth Service- Toya Burns (pending)
      - Faculty Pageant- Danielle Fultz and Val Hudak
      - Relay- Sarah Kollin, Cody Romani, Drew Sanders, Carolyn Gardner
   - Pledges canNOT vote
   - Actives the elections are short, please show up and vote!


- Pay your dues!


   - Who needs sleep? (Danielle does!)
   - Thanks to everyone who came out to support us!
   - We came in 3rd and raised over $3,000
   - Lost and Found
   - If you want to run for a Relay co-chair position, talk to us!
   - They will be counting all the points this week and arranging prizes
   for the next chapter
   - If you missed Relay look for hours for letter writing and on moms
   - If you didn’t pick up your shirt and are signed up for one get it
   after chapter


   - For all you staying Easter weekend UMC Dinner Server and Cleanup 3/30
   - Look out for upcoming blood drives April 8th 2-8 in Ping and April
   10th 1-6 at 21 Mill St
   - ATCO PARTICIPANTS!!! ATTENTION! ATCO spring break is the week of April
   1st so there will be no ATCO events that week
   - ATCO Bowlers- Last day of bowling is April 10th
   - There will also be two more movie nights, dates and time will be
   announced later
   - Hats for Heads is cancelled this week :( but go to the Awards Banquet!
   - On the weekend of April 13th-14th we will be having multiple events
   during both days, please do not overlap events!
   - AOPi Dodgeball tournament, need 3 more bros to make a team
   - Some people have zero service hours...
   - Monday lunch needs extra volunteers this week and next week


   - We are starting to think of themes and shirt ideas for RUSH next
   semester, please let us know if you have any ideas
   - Sign up online if you want us to order you a service pin if yours is
   lost or broken, its $5 for a new one
   - Please let us answer the pledging questions so pledges don’t get any
   wrong answers
   - Events for the pledge food drive is up! Actives can sign up to donate
   food anytime
   - Does anyone know where we can get cardboard boxes?
   - Bigs need 2 hours of service (separate events) and 2 fellowship hours
   with your little!
   - Sign up for the signature parties! Actives get fellowship hours
   - Winter 2012 Pledge class come get your membership cards and


   - Skyzone Hours- we are trying to fix them, you should have only gotten
   2 and only docked 1 if you didn’t go
   - Walking Dead after chapter!
   - Family events this week! Every family has an event this week! Sign up
   to get your family hour!
   - Signature Party 4/3
   - Color Wars
   - Picnic
   - SWAG- Sweatshirts and Tanks should be in by next chapter, if you
   didn’t sign up and want one if you have the money tonight at chapter you
   can still get one. See them after chapter
   - Sweatpants there are currently 14 people signed up
   - Sign up for a Color Wars shirt! 3/31 Super cheap and pledges can get
   them! Should be about $5
   - Having trouble getting your family hour? Heres some things to
   consider- Do you know your family heads? Are you in your family facebook
   group? BIGS- add your littles to your family group! Have your contacted
   your family heads? Have you contacted fellowship chairs?
   - There are 5 more weeks in the semester please make sure you get your
   family hour. Fellowship girls cant help you unless you let them know there
   is and issue ASAP
   - Awards Banquet- Each family should be making a dessert. Please make
   sure you have the desserts at the banquet on time
   - Family heads and contact info:
   - Please
   in contact with your family head if you are having trouble getting your
   hours, contact fellowship after you have already contacted your family heads
   - They will no longer respond to emails sent to their personal accounts
   so don’t do it

Faculty Pageant

- If your interested in running talk to them


   - Bdubs Wednesday! Make sure you go early enough to get to awards! You
   can order out! An email will be sent with the flyer
   - Look for the fest tank sales! There should be times Tuesday, Wednesday
   and Thursday, if you requested a tank we have them!
   - Get your sunglasses if you ordered them we have extra if you want them
   - Get hats and tumblers! $8 for hats and $10 for tumblers, it counts as
   a fundraising hour! Get them for your littles!
   - Contact them if you are having a hard time getting your hours


   - Aug 10-17 its $200 for the whole week (includes travel and housing).
   This is an experience you will never forget! Need 3 more people for the

Youth Service

   - Box Tops and Pop Tabs: What do they do? Box tops go to schools and Pop
   tabs go to Ronald McDonald House
   - Penpals- what is it? Tomorrow location may change so check your email!
   - No Library Helpers this week
   - Possible Pop Tab competition
   - GKTW people give me your money! Do the volunteer application, get me
   your phone #, get EXCITED!


   - EVERYONE! Send pictures to the historian account of ANY service or
   fellowship events! (historian.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com)
   - Committee be on the lookout for an email


   - Buy donuts!!!! $1 per donut and $10 per dozen
   - Mom’s luncheon April 6th at UMC church from 11-2pm
   - $3 Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup, and Salad
   - We need donations and help running the event
   - There are donation hours and hours for working the event which count
   for service
   - Fellowship hours offered as well!

Service Week

   - Stepping Stones People! Please go vote on the Facebook pages! Anyone
   still interested? Talk to Cami (co299610 at ohio.edu)

Inter Chapter

   - Special thanks to anyone who worked a shift and had to deal with
   Mesha’s insanity
   - Amazing special thanks to MaryKate Mchugh, Kathryn Slotta, Cody
   Romani, Dom Armelie, Sara Beyoglides, Elyse Whitehouse, Jessica Pettis,
   Ashley Mullins, Molly Kleman, Buddah and Caleb Howell.
   - Hours are up! If you don’t have an hours and you should please email
   - If you have money for us we will stay after chapter
   - Pledges announcement- If you were at an event and didn’t sign the
   pledge sign in see Mesha
   - If you didn’t get the mugs they will be reordered and you will get one
   if you registered
   - THANK YOU!!!


   - Senior Send off and Awards Banquet is this Wednesday! 7pm in Walter
   Rotunda, this is a mandatory event! Business casual
   - Families- please don’t forget your desserts! Remember to make enough
   for 40-50 people. If you could please have a person get there 10-15 minutes
   early to drop off the dessert that would be great
   - Happy Birthday this week to Eric Barwacz, Maria Brafford, Sarah
   Norman, Buddah and Dominique DiPetro!


   - Support a Bro goest to Inter Chapter and Relay because they all did

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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