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Thu Mar 21 16:25:04 EDT 2013

Hey guys,

I hope you are all excited for Relay tomorrow! we just have a few last
minute things to go over with you guys before the big day/night/morning, so
here they are:

*1. Get to know people from sectionals!: *we have had a lot of people from
other chapters who have been signing up for sections express interest in
going to relay. So if you see strange faces in AphiO shirts wandering
around tomorrow at ping, get to know them and make them feel welcome!

*2. Have fun!: *As anyone who has been to relay before will tell you, Relay
is as fun as you make it. I've attached the entertainment schedule for this
year below with details of what different event will be held and when. If
you just want to show up and walk around the track for an hour that is fine
too, but were is the fun in that?


*3. Be on your best behavior:* you will not only be representing AphiO at
this event but as we will have people from sectionals in attendance as
well, you will also be representing Delta Gamma. Please be respectful
during events such as the luminary ceremony and survivorship dinner/lap.
Also, I know it is a Friday night+ High fest, but that does not mean we
will tolerate anyone showing up intoxicated. If you do you will be thrown
out of the event immediately and you will be referred to j-board.

*4. Follow Ping/Relay rules: *Since Ping will remain open for a portion of
the event, please follow all posted signs and any directions a member of
staff or security may give you. Also, the Relay for Life planning committee
has asked us to remind anyone to please refrain from bringing frisbee or
footballs or wearing shoes that may scuff on the floors of the gyms

*5. And finally, if you have any questions come find us! *we will have an
AphiO table set up throughout the entire event where you can find all the
sign ins, pick up your t-shirt sleep if you are staying overnight. If you
are planning on doing just that, please remember to bring blankets, pillows
and/or a sleeping bag!

See you all tomorrow!

Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
Relay for Life Co-Chairs

Sara Beyoglides
sb332609 at ohio.edu

Danielle Fultz
df376707 at ohio.edu

Robert Burke
rb906511 at ohio.edu
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