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Chapter Minutes 3/17/13


***Prize is a Chipotle card!!!!***

   1. How much $$$ did Faculty Pageant raise?
   2. What 2 big events are this weekend?
   3. When is Senior Send Off Awards Ceremony?



   - Office Hours Tuesday 2-3pm in our office in Baker 312
   - Emma Thompson and Haley Ludeke come see me after chapter
   - Julie is here!!!!


   - Distinguished Service Key Award! The Chapter Distinguished Service Key
   will be presented to one graduating senior in recognition of their service
   to our fraternity. The exec board had voted and narrowed it down to 4
   outstanding graduating members. This award is presented to a member that
   has a distinguished themselves in our chapter through their commitment to
   leadership, friendship and service.


   - Question of the week! What did you like about big/little night?


   - Pay dues!!! $70 for actives and $15 for associates


   - Thanks to everyone who came to risk management!!!
   - If you have any suggestions on how to make it better send it to jboard
   or ombudsmen
   - Nominations start next week for Faculty Pageant, Relay and Youth


   - Survivorship Dinner Committee- meet Danielle to go to Kroger at 7pm on
   Wednesday. Check you email for additional details later!
   - Cooking/Donating food for Survivorship Dinner? Contact Danielle and
   give her your donations by Thursday, if they are perishable give them to
   her on Thursday
   - You need 2 Relay for Life hours... but ONE has to be AT Relay... and
   if you skip Relay if counts as one of your missed events this semester.
   (The Glow 5K does not count as an at relay hour)


   - Last Chance this weekend!
   - If you are signed up for any student EXPO events, please add your
   shirt size!
   - Additional interest in Stepping Stones Service Trip in Cincinnati,
   contact Cami!
   - Blood drive Wednesday
   - Don’t add your own hours.
   - Do NOT sign up for events if you have a time conflict of some sort.
   The point of signing up for an event is to do service during the ENTIRE
   time allotted.
   - If you are wondering why your hours are not up its because we haven’t
   received a sign in. If no one took the sign in or didn’t make one you can
   make one yourself. If you have the sign in, turn it in! And you NEED as
   sign in. You cannot verbally tell us who was there.
   - Remember to email the service accounts not personal accounts.


   - Pledge events will be up soon! Don’t sign up until 24 hours before the
   event is scheduled to happen if there are spaces left
   - Remember that your little needs 2 hours of service with you (2
   separate events) and 2 fellowship hours with you (can be just the two of
   you). So start planning if you haven’t yet.
   - Signature parties = fellowship hour (actives) 3/26 6pm in Grover E304,
   4/3 7pm in Grover E205, 4/11 6pm in Grover E304
   - If your service pin is lost or broken and you want another one, then
   sign up on the website! They are $5, Fall 2012 pledge class you don’t need
   to sign up we know you need them


   - How to Fest (Free Pizza!) Tues 2-4pm Baker 4th floor, Fest safety event
   - Casino Night Wednesday 6-8pm Baker Ballroom
   - Signature Parties 3/26 Grover E304, 4/3 Grover E304, 4/11 Grover E304
   - Color Wars 4/14 3pm McCracken Fields
   - Picnic 4/21 Strouds Run
   - Color Wars Tshirt 3/31, White t-shirts $5 (Tie dye together)
   - SWAG- Sweatshirt $16, Tank $15, Sweatpants only 20 people signed up,
   so priced increased to $21
   - Money Collection times (Front Room)- Monday 1-3 (Arica G), Tuesday
   10-12 (Katie), 2-4 (Victoria), Wednesday 3-5 (Kayla), Thursday 2-4 (Madison
   K), Friday 1-3 (Larissa and Stephanie)
   - Family heads and families, don’t forget you need to make a dessert for
   awards banquet (3/27)

Faculty Pageant

   - Will respond to emails soon and all hours will be up soon!
   - We raised $1800!!!!!


   - Bdubs Fundraiser March 27th 5-8- Same deal as last time, you need your
   receipt and you need a flyer, awards ceremony is the same night, so get
   your wings BEFORE since it is a mandatory event
   - Bdubs Flyering and Printing, printing up March 24,  Flyering March 27
   - Tank Top Tabling- We will be getting the tank tops friday! We will
   send an email with time slots as soon as we get them!
   - Merchandise at Sectionals!
   - All hours but Bdubs are updated on the website! Bdubs will be up this
   week! Get us your receipt ASAP
   - Contact them if your having trouble getting your hours!

Youth Service

   - No library helpers next week!
   - Give Kids the World- August 3-11 and 10-17, spots are still available
   - Granada Street Kids Sale- Tuesday 12-4 First and last shift people see
   me after chapter
   - Pop tabs and box tops!


   - Get your videos for the senior send off after chapter!!!
   - Please send pictures you would like in the video to the historian
   account by this weekend
   - Committee will be handing out chords later this semester

Inter Chapter

   - You can bring your money to us after chapter, at execs (Wednesdays 9pm
   in Walter 145) or on Saturday morning
   - All hours are up on the website... GO SIGN UP!
   - Printing look out for an email
   - Since you only need one hour for sectionals, going doesn’t count as an
   hour! There are a ton of easy and open hours to sign up for :)
   - People signed up for the day of, look out for an email giving you
   instructions on where and who to meet.
   - Voting delegates- interested? See us after chapter
   - Megan Fitzgerald come see us please
   - Committee we are meeting tomorrow- watch for an email


   - Brother of the week is Madison Koenig! Check out the full article on
   our Facebook page!


   - Senior Send off and Awards Ceremony!
   - Event is up on the website so go sign up! Wednesday 27th at 7pm in
   Walter Rotunda
   - We will be voting on Senior Superlatives next week so come to chapter!
   - Happy Birthday this week to MaryKate McHugh, Elyse Whitehouse and
   Kiley Harkins!!!!!

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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