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   1. Which pledge classes must attend Risk Management?
   2. When is the Senior Send-Off and Awards Ceremony?
   3. Who said the beautiful quote at the end of the minutes?

***The prize is a $10 Chipotle gift card!!!***

Chapter Minutes 2/24/13

Ombudsmen Chapter- Thank you all for being so helpful and giving
constructive and helpful criticism and ideas. You are the best and the
reason we do what we do. The issues brought up will be discussed
anonymously at execs and we will do our best to solve these problems and
make the chapter the best it can be. Please come to Execs Wednesday at 9pm
in Walter 145 if you would like and see what we do to try and make this
experience better for all of us.


- Office hours Tuesday 2-3pm in the Baker Office 312


   - No NOLA trip for Spring Break :( Contact Chelsea Wylie for
   - Monday weeklies will no longer have a lock time
   - Guidelines for getting outside hours: Need a signed document for proof
   that you did that service, your name, time you arrived and left.
   - No Ray of Home donations this week because of break


   - Look for an email/facebook update/hours on the site for letter
   writing, they will be hosted at different locations on campus
   - RELAY IS MARCH 22nd-23rd
   - Sign up for a (free) t-shirt on the website, register on the relay
   site and GET PUMPED FOR RELAY!!!!
   - If you wanna be a co-chair for next semester go talk to them!


   - Hours will be coming after spring break! 40ish for printing help, 25
   for folder assembly, 80ish for food, 95 for the day of (fri/sat mainly
   - We cannot put up hours until registration is closed- so after we get
   back from spring break
   - You can still register online for a sectionals shirt!
   - Send us any Rufus pics!


   - Mandatory events for the semester: Big/Little Night Fri 3/15 7pm Ping
   Lounge (Mandatory if you took a little this semester and optional if you
   didn’t), History Night Thurs 4/18 7:30 Walter 135 and Initiation Fri 4/26
   7pm Walter 135


   - Risk Management Workshop Saturday March 16th at 12pm. Pledge classes
   FALL 2012 and SPRING 2013 must attend (and any actives who haven’t been
   yet), pizza will be provided, location TBA


   - 3/14 Skyzone, $10, service hours to people who drive, sign ups lock
   thursday and close March 7
   - 4/7 Color Wars 3pm (McCraken Feilds) sign up, are you all interested
   in  jerseys or shirts?
   - Swag- they will send out a survey or something on facebook for you to
   vote on what design you want


   - Bdubs is this Wednesday! The flier has been sent out. If you take
   friends, make sure they also have the flier and you give us their receipt
   - To get credit for the hour you must show your flier to you waitress
   when you pay and turn in your receipt to the fundraising chairs
   - All the grilled cheese sales are up on the website!
   - Having trouble getting your hours? We don’t know if there’s problem
   unless you tell us. Please email us with concerns. If you have better ideas
   for fundraising, we are VERY happy to hear them.
   - There will be tons of opportunities after break! We really, REALLY
   need help at sectionals during mom’s weekend, keep and hour or two open
   during those weekends

Youth Service

   - West Elementary Carnival April 19th 3:30-9:30pm SIGN UP!
   - Kidsfest April 20th 9:30-2
   - GKTW
   - Granada Stuff- $10=1 service hours
   - Give me your box tops and pop tabs!


   - Senior Send-Off and Awards Ceremony- Wednesday March 27th 7pm in
   Walter Rotunda, this event is mandatory! (Sorry about the date confusion
   last week) There will be food and snacks!!!!
   - This week and spring break birthdays!!! If your birthday is between
   February 24th and March 9th get your cookie at chapter!
   - Happy Birthday to Sam Shaw (Feb 25th), Madison Gabrosek (March 3rd),
   Arica Gonzoles (March 5th) and Carolyn Denzinger (March 5th)

Letter From Buddah

“Being a Brother is not supposed to be an easy thing to do. If it was
something that was easy, the title “Brother” wouldn’t mean as much as it

- Buddah
Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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