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Hey everyone!

This summer we are planning to go on 2 week long service trips to the Give
Kids the World Village in Kissimmee, Florida. One trip will probably be
from August 3rd - August 11th and that is the trip I will be leading.
The second trip will likely be the week after that and will be led by
someone else. As you can tell, we still need to work out some details.

Give Kids the World is a village where children with life-threatening
diseases can stay with their families all expenses paid. The families go to
Disney parks (also paid for) each day and enjoy the village anytime they
aren't at the parks. In the past the trips have cost somewhere around $200
for everything but food and any extra things you buy on the trip. We drive
through the nights to and from Florida, usually in cars of brothers on the
trip. We stay at a resort with a pool and usually volunteer in the mornings
and again in the evenings; that gives us the afternoons to enjoy the pool
and Florida sun :) At the village we might work serving the families meals,
bringing them breakfast on a go cart, playing with the kids in a castle or
on a carousel, overseeing the children ride horses, dancing with some kids,
and all kinds of other things! I suggest talking to anyone who has been on
a trip to get more of an idea of what its like. I can talk about it more
next week at chapter too!

Here is the website that you can check out as well:
All I am looking to find out right now is how many people are interested in
going (on either trip). I want to get some fundraising going. Please
respond to this email if you might like to go. It is really important that
we have cars to take, so please tell me if you can take your car, might
take your car, or cannot take a car too. The gas is split between everyone
on the trip.

Sorry for the long email! Have a great week!


Kayleigh Bednarski

Youth Service Chair
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter
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