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Chapter Minutes 2/17/13

QUIZZZ!!!! Rules- First person to email me back with all 3 right answers
gets a prize!!!!

1.) What weekend is both Sectionals and Relay for life?

2.) What is one thing you should not do at service events?

3.) How many pledges do we have this semester?

Pledge Class Exec Board!!!


   - Office hours Tuesday 2-3pm in our office in Baker 312


   - Question of the week! There are 2 this week 1. Why didn’t actives
   attend activation? 2. What things did you like/dislike about the faculty


- Dues are $55 tonight, they go up to $60 next chapter, I will have
reimbursements friday for everyone, sorry I’m behind

Faculty Pageant

   - Thank you for coming!!!
   - We do not have a total yet but we will let everyone know once we
   figure it out :)
   - Hours will be updated by the end of the week, we will send out an
   email once we’ve put them all up
   - If you still need an hour you can but a shirt for $10 or just donate
   - If anyone is interested in being Faculty Pageant chairs for next year
   come talk to us
   - Please put your comments/thoughts/suggestions in the ombudsmen box for


   - Texting during service events- Don’t do it!
   - Risk management reminder
   - The waiting list is just that... a waiting list
   - Weeklies are up!
   - ACHS has a spay and neuter clinic on Monday and they need our help!
   - If you still have yet to give me a bare on the bricks for I need them
   now! See Robert after chapter
   - Look out for Student EXPO, Restore and Relay for Life information
   (don’t forget to sign up with APhiO)!
   - We added some weekend events- Dog shelter and ReStore only Saturdays
   (not open Sundays)
   - Remember: TURN IN SIGN INS! We are not accepting them one month after
   the event
   - GKTW will definitely be August 4-10!


   - We have 107 pledges!!!!!
   - Email us if you want the contact info for your little(s) if they or
   you weren’t at activation!
   - Big/Little Night- Back area of ping, minute to win it type thing? If
   you have any other ideas talk to the membership girls
   - Pledge Bro Retreat Ropes course! Next Sunday 2/24 10am-1pm or 2pm-5pm
   its $15 if you want to go!
   - Come get your games from game night!


   - 2/20 UPC Karaoke Night 8pm free food, prizes, music at Red Brick
   - 2/21 Perks of Being a Wallflower 7pm most likely be in Bentley, we
   will email the location before wednesday
   - 3/14 Skyzone sign up!
   - 4/7 Color Wars 3pm (tentative) its up on the website, please sign up
   if this date works for you!
   - Swag- Survey on sweatpants, tanks and sweatshirts colors/options will
   be sent out tonight. Please take the survey so we can oder everything
   before spring break
   - We still have extra homecoming sweatshirts please let us know if you
   are interested in buying one!


   - Sign up for relay on the relay website!!! You should have received an
   email showing how to sign up! There are pictures of all the steps so there
   is no excuse
   - Sign up for your t-shirt size on the website! The shirts are free but
   if you don’t choose a size then you get a large
   - There is a chapter wide comeptition to design the Relay shirt this
   year! Email them your designs, they should be 2 colors with a design only
   on the front
   - Considering a safari themed shirt to tie in with sectionals theme
   because relay and sectionals are the same weekend! Winner gets a surprise!
   - Committee: If you weren’t at the committee meeting before chapter talk
   to the co-chairs after chapter
   - If you are on Danielle’s sub-committee talk to Sara and email
   Danielle’s personal account after chapter (df376707 at ohio.edu)
   - Letter writing! It will be on the website for a relay hours!


   - Grilled cheese sales! 10pm-2am there will only be 4 more this
   semester! Feb 23rd, March 15th or 16th, April 6th and April 20th, these
   will be cancelled if no one signs up
   - Bdubs fundraising Feb 27th and March 27th
   - Sunglasses! See Ashley after chapter! 1 for $5 or 2 for $10
   - 50/50 tickets! We will be drawing the winner after chapter tonight!

Youth Service

   - Weeklies- Monday Child Care, Tuesday and Wednesday Library
   - Granada Street Kids Stuff- 3-6 dollars, $5 bracelets, will be booking
   tables for more sales tomorrow
   - West Elementary Carnival- April 19th, this is just an interest because
   its Palmer and we want to see if there will be enough people
   - Snacks for Students- One more this semester
   - FYI- Youth Service day is April 26th, any suggestions of what we
   should do?
   - Buy bracelets and stuff after chapter!
   - Don’t forget to turn in your food and pop tabs!

Inter Chapter

   - We want your suggestions for the sectionals t-shirt design
   - Its coming up! Weekend of March 23rd!
   - The theme is safari and the slogan is Bros Gone Wild! Get creative and
   if we choose your design you get a free shirt!
   - Mackenzie Snyder come get Rufus!
   - Committee we are meeting Monday at 9 on the 5th floor of Baker


   - Brother of the week is Mara Hasenstaub!!! Check out the full article
   on our facebook page
   - Email the PR account with suggestions for Brother of the week!


   - Save the date! The Senior Send-Off and Award Banquet will take place
   Wednesday March 20th at 7pm in Walter Rotunda
   - Happy Birthday this week to Ashley Mullins, Paige Formanek, Val Hudak,
   Cami Oberlin, Megan Fitzgerald and Allison Barwacz!


   - Support a Bro goes to the faculty pageant ladies!
   - Chapter minutes quiz first one to respond gets a prize!

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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