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Hey everyone,

Because the pageant is getting closer, we just wanted to remind you of a
few things:

1.)  If you signed-up on the website to buy a t-shirt and you still have
not paid by Saturday, *you will be docked an hour* and we will sell your
t-shirt.  The following people still *have *not paid for their shirt:

   - Danielle Taylor
   - Courtney Waite
   - Chelsea Wylie
   - Danielle douglas
   - Kelly Schlabach
   - Lindsey Lykins
   - Katja Slatinsek

2.)  All hours *EXCEPT *for tabling on the 13th are up to date.

3.)  Here are the remaining ways to get your *mandatory* hours:

   - Bring 2 people from outside aphio to the pageant
   - Come to the pageant (it's a mandatory event, too).  Remember that
   simply *buying *a ticket *does not equal an hour*.
   - Buy a pageant t-shirt

Hope this is clear for everyone!  Please let us know if you have any

See you Saturday at 1pm in MemAud!!!

Rachel and Ciara
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