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Chapter Minutes 2/10/13

*NEW!!! Starting next week there will be minute quizzes! If you are the
first to respond with all the right answers you will get a prize!!!! Look
for it next week!

Student Alumni Board- Bare on the Bricks with Phi Kappa Psi, starts at
11:30, starts at Baker, you take off the clothes on your back and donate
them and run down court st, there is an after party at Pig Skin, if ten or
more people sign up its only $100 so we could make the price really cheap.
Bathing suit minimum your not actually naked

Sarah Csongei- Sectionals! She went to Nationals and other conferences,
there are fellowship, leadership and service opportunities all weekend!
There are workshops and lots of bro bonding! You get to choose what you
want to do, there are free food and service opportunities (RELAY). Some
workshops, how to stay involved after you graduate, how to put it on your
resume, and zumba! You can meet a lot of interesting people and higher ups
in AphiO. GET EXCITED!!!!


   - Office hours Thursday 2-3pm in our office in Baker 312
   - GO TO YOUR COMMITTEE MEETINGS!!! Your exec board needs you and you
   need your hours


   - Question of the week! Why aren’t you taking a little? Let us know why
   your not and what would encourage you to take one!
   - We want to hear from you, help our frat become the best that it can
   be, by letting us know your opinion
   - Constitution changes- We are changing our constitution so much because
   we have just made the switch to semesters and there is a lot in our
   constitution that is out of date or needs to change with us.
   - Anonymous account: anonymous.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com password:
   athensaphio, log into this account and send an email to
   ombudsmen.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com, delete the email from the inbox and
   it will be 100% anonymous if you are not comfortable talking to the


   - Sorry for missing chapter :( Please pay your dues to President Dom
   Armelie! After tonight they go up to $55
   - Make checks payable to Alpha Phi Omega Delta Gamma and make sure your
   name is on it! If you have cash make sure you sign the list


   - Grades tonight by midnight!!!
   - New feature on the website! Not all committees will be using this
   feature online so check with your committee head to see if yours will be

Faculty Pageant

   - THIS SATURDAY at 1pm in Memorial Auditorium!!! BE THERE! The Nichols
   family will be there with their new baby boy! And Rachels camper from Camp
   Quality will be there!
   - Tickets are $3 get them! After chapter, at the spaghetti dinner on
   Tuesday or Baker 1st floor on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
   - T-shirts! Come get them! $10 if you still need to pay. We ordered
   extras so come buy one if you want, we will take them to the spaghetti
   dinner as well, if you signed up for a shirt and don’t pay you will be
   - Spaghetti Dinner this Tuesday at UMC, only $3 so come eat a delicious
   meal and hangout with your bros, join the Facebook event and invite your
   friends! Bring us your donations ASAP please Riverpark building 33 apt 301
   (Ciara) or 70 N Lancaster (Rachel)
   - Carissa Boring, Miranda Williams, and Amanda Breedlove please come see
   us after chapter
   - Committee look out for an email regarding our meeting tomorrow, your
   all great!


   - GKTW date voting is now closed and we have a tie...
   - Last Chance Corral is moving to the weekend. If you are going to do
   Last Chance Corral you MUST call before hand and let them know you are
   - Dog walking is now on the weekend as well
   - Bare on the Bricks release forms need to be turned in by friday, if
   you don’t turn it in by friday or else you can’t run
   - WOUB needs people! Really really need people to sign up!
   - Adding another ABH training this week! Sign up
   - Adding ReStore onto the website as a weekly, they are moving and need
   people to help them, MUST call before hand to know which location you will
   need to go to, adding it on wednesday, friday and saturday
   - If you are giving blood this week, you MUST make an appointment with
   Heather Wilson before hand. Her email is on the website.
   - If you plan on doing dog walking this weekend, turn in your form by
   TOMORROW so it can be approved on Tuesday
   - Service events lock early because some service projects need info like
   how many people signed up before hand. Always look at when an event locks!


   - Be a big!!!!
   - Requirements: 2 hours of service with your little, 2 hours of
   fellowship with your little, Big/Little Night
   - Activation! This friday Feb 15th 7:15pm in Walter 135 Business
   - Sign up for binder donations 1 inch, 3 ring binders, 2 binders for an
   hour, new or gently used
   - Come and pick up your games!
   - You will know your littles sex and how many by wednesday


   - SWAG: AphiO sweatpants, tentatively $18 side or front? Letters will be
   blue Sign ups close 3/3
   - Are you interested in color wars jerseys?
   - Walking Dead after chapter (Ciaras Apt)
   - UPC Live Group Sex Comedy Monday 7pm Baker Ballroom
   - Study Tables Wednesday 5:30 Alden 253
   - UPC Couples Day (Free Build a Bear) Thursday 2-4pm 4th floor Baker
   - Casablanca Thursday 5:30 Athena Cinema
   - Anti Valentines Party/ Valentines Day Showing Thursday 7pm Baker
   Ballroom A
   - UPX Factor Karaoke Night 2/10 8pm
   - SKYZONE 3/14
   - You need 3 fellowship hours each semester, one has to be a family hour
   - Families Kappa and Psi need family heads


   - Committee meeting after chapter! Find Sara/Robert/Danielle and we will
   get business done quickly
   - Sign up for relay on the relay website and sign up for t-shirt sizes
   on the aphio website they are FREE! Its super easy to sign up, do it!
   - Have a story about why you Relay? Let us know!


   - We had a very successful weekend! $547!!! Our total so far after 4
   weeks is $599
   - Bdubs Fundraiser 2/27 save your receipt you must print off the flyer
   to get credit, if you take other people everyone in the party has to have
   their own flyer
   - Sunglasses: if you want sunglasses sign up on the website 2/24, one
   pair for $5 or 2 for $10 and a fundraising hour, they are are great gift
   for your littles!
   - Due to cancelations we are only going to have 4 more grilled cheese
   sales, dates will be pre determines
   - State fest cup? Aphio tumbler? Other gear? Fest cups would not have
   our letters on it so it would be open to all of campus and you can take
   them to the fests

Youth Service

   - Granada Street Kids Sale Tuesday 11-2 sign up, we need people 11-12
   and 1-2
   - West Elementary Book Fair, various shifts this week, check it out,
   thanks for those who already signed up!
   - Would you be interested in hunting for pop tabs sunday mornings?
   - Carpooling Saturday? for the ATCO valentines dance, meet in morton
   parking lot
   - Give me your box tops and pop tabs! 30 pop tabs for 1 hour


   - What should the 5k benefit?
   - Charity: Water- a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe
   drinking water to people in developing nations, water projects decrease
   illness and disease as well as allow time for education rather than time
   spent fetching water, some people have to walk 5 miles for dirty water and
   carry 80 lbs back home, money would go to help build water projects like
   wells and rain cathers
   - Lowernine.org- Rebuilds Katrina-damaged homes in the Lower Ninth Ward
   in New Orleans, also supports local and urban farming, helped over 100
   families return home but many families are still in need, money would help
   purchase building materials, the cost of rebuilding a house runs in the
   $12,00-17,000 range
   - Good Works Inc.- Athens homeless shelter, provides emotional and
   social supports to those in need, in 2012 they turned away 248 people and
   as for Feb 7th they already turned away 38 people. money would help fund
   shelter utilities and food
   - Get out a slip of paper and write down your top choice, Charity:
   Water, Lowernine.org, or Good Works Inc

Service Week

   - Committee we need to meet! Email them back! Myranda, Yesenia, Lynde

Inter Chapter

   - Now only need 1 mandatory service hour for inter chapter! Don’t forget
   the date is March 22nd-24th, there will be plenty of ways for you to get
   your hours
   - Hours will be posted soon
   - Pictures with Rufus! (Our balloon lion) sign up online!
   - Discover in OSU the 24th, you have to have already completed launch


   - Brother of the Week: Allison Barwacz, check out the full article on
   - Need suggestions for brother of the week
   - Keep retweeting and sharing our stuff on fb!


   - Happy Birthday to Casey Bowen, Jamie Roberts, Jackie Scott and Jessica
   - Don’t forget to get your birthday cookies!


   - Support a Bro goes to the membership girls!
   - Tonight is the last night to apply for financial aid
   - Get your shirts and tickets for Faculty Pageant
   - Skyzone, you will also get service if you dirve
   - Need cookies for the atco valentines dance, dance starts at 6 but need
   cookies at 5
   - If you are graduating after this semester you can still take a little
   - Email service if you were trained for ABH committee meeting after
   - Turn in Sign ins
   - Inter chapter meetings now changed to mondays at 9

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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