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Wed Feb 6 22:25:38 EST 2013

Hey everyone!
Listserv won't send out my email, so I am sorry this is so late .
For those of you who weren't in chapter this Sunday, This is Chelsea Wylie and I will be leading the service trip to New Orleans over spring break. 
The trip itself will cost around 200 dollars, which includes where we are staying and the transportation. 

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GOING! Please answer this email and tell me your name and when you pledged. I will be contacting the organization we will be working with, and potential places to stay within the next couple weeks, so I need a basic idea of the number of people we are bringing down.  
Originally I was going to put a time limit on when you should tell me you can go, but just try to decide if this is something you want to do within the next two weeks and let me know. 

I can promise you that this experience is an amazing one you will never forget. Please consider going!

In LFS, 
Chelsea Wylie
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