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Hello everyone,

Bare on the Bricks is now up on the website! The event itself is on
Saturday the 23rd of February however the event will close on the 15th
because we need to send a list of who is running for AphiO beforehand. If
you plan on signing up you will first need to sign up online and fill out a
release waiver (which is included below). Secondly, you need to pay the fee
to us in between the 15th of February (when we will announce how much it
is) and BEFORE the actual event.

How the fee will work is a lot like how we do t-shirts, the more people
sign up the cheaper it will be. The group fee is $100 and in order to
qualify we need at least ten runners. So for instance if 10 people sign up
they will each will pay $10, if 12 people sign up they will pay $8.40 (we
will round up to make it easier for everyone) etc. etc. Cash is preferred
but if you want to write a check instead please make it payable to the
'Ohio University Student Alumni Board'. Alternatively, it is $12 if you pay
on the day of the event but you may not be able to run for AphiO and you
won't be guaranteed any food at the after party! (which will be at
Courtside). If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free
to reply to this email or email service.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com for more


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