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Chapter Minutes 12/1/13


1. When is initiation?

2. Which brother had the most service hours this semester?


   - Office hours: tomorrow 2-4 in West 82
   - Execs: 8:00 in Grover W255


   - Question of the week: What are some suggestions/ideas you have for
   next semester/new exec board?


   - Congrats to the new exec board!
   - Come to the last execs Tuesday 12/3 at 8pm in Grover W255
   - Look out for emails about grades over break
   - Email them with any problems


   - Weeklies are up!
   - Saturday lunch is now 12-2
   - Turn in sign ins by next Sunday unless the event is during finals week


   - Initiation is this Friday 12/6- actives get there at 7:15, Morton 237,
   you have to dress up!
   - We officially finished the rush videos for next semester!


   - Lots of family events!
   - 12/4 Hanukkah Party
   - 12/8 Holiday Party
   - Finals week study tables
   - 12/17 Ice Skating in Dayton
   - 12/18 Columbus Zoo Lights
   - 1/5 Cleveland Cavs Game- $19 turn in your money! The event locks 12/8
   - This is the last night to pay for spirit jerseys
   - Color wars shirts are $5


   - Give money to Vic


   - Turn in pics


   - Last chance to buy your hour! They make great gifts
   - Get your fundraising hours done!!!

Youth Service

   - Pop tabs and box tops to Chelsea. All those hours will be put up
   - Hot chocolate sale on thursday night, donations will go to Trimble and
   Fed. Hocking Elementary Schools, sign up for the event and donations


   - Thanks for everything!
   - If you still need to get your 5k shirt contact them before break

Service Week

   - If you still need hours, talk to them!


   - Semester Awards!
   - Brother & family with the most service hours: Caleb Howell! Zeta!
   - Brother & family with most fellowship hours: Caleb Howell! Iota!
   - Brother & family with most fundraising hours: Sarah Kollin! Iota!
   - Positive points: Caleb Howell, Robert Burke, Allison Barwacz, Stephen
   Bell, Kasi Reed, Ashley Mullins, Kiley Harkins, Larissa Bradford, Sarah
   Kollin, Chealsea Rose, Eric Barwacz, Dom Armelie, Drew Sanders, Kristen
   Hencsei, Emma Thompson, Erin Thaleimer, Jessica Pettis, Nikole Baker,
   Victoria Vincent, Cody Romani, Emily Ginty, Kate Kendall, Kevin Feinberg,
   Mallory Hart, Morgan Roberts, Kirby Flowers, Lexi Lengel, Arica Gonzalez,
   Bianca Beavers, Grace Hemanns, MacKenzie Lewkovec, Myranda Owca, Annica
   Strickmaker, Brad Bailey, Chloe Farmer, Lauren Payton, Maryssa Beasley, and
   Matt Mench!
   - Happy Birthday to Meghan Callahan, McKenzie Hood, Tyla Young, Miranda
   Riddle, Genna Stoffel, Hayley McCadnless, Larissa Bradford, Erin
   Thalheimer, Rachel Grauer, Mitch Simmons, Maddie Lorubbio, Audrey Neel,
   Julia Cory, Carmen Franklin, Alaina Pereces, Shannon Forsythe, Libby
   Newberry, Mollie Mackovjak, Annie Strictmaker, Rachel Rutherford and Katie

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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