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Sun Apr 21 19:27:59 EDT 2013

If your name is on the following list, that means you are missing at least
1 fundraising hour. THIS IS PROBABLY WRONG. Please check your hours and let
us know if we are missing something. The only way to make up for hours at
this point is buy merchandise at chapter tonight!

 Allison Keller  Amanda Breedlove  Andrea Vanarsdalen  Annica
Strickmaker  Ashley
Angelo  Bennett Eighinger  Bryan Hairston  Caitlin Wilson  Carly Flinton  Carly
Matthews  Caroline Denzinger  Carolyn Gardner  Carolyn VanMatre  Celia
Vonhoene  Cody Romani  Contessa Yost  Danielle Taylor   Delysia Eminian  Genna
Stoffel   Ian Mcintyre  James Radabaugh  Jasmine Arnold  Jasmine Garcia  Jenna
Meyer  Jessica Crumrine  Jimmy Wilson  Jocelyn Duncan  Kacee Babinger  Kasi
Reed  Kathryn Kendall  Katja Slatinsek  Kayla Marks  Kirsten Reiser  LaSosha
Edwards  Leah Zellers  Lindsey Lykins  Lynde Devlin  Madeline Ingle  Madison
Gabrosek  Maggie Greenwood  Maggie Harris  Mary DiCesare  Maya eddie  Megan
Monroe  Megan Thomas  Melissa Hayden  Mesha Baylis  Michael Popo  Miranda
Williams  Mollie Mackovjak  Morgan Coggins  Morgan Forsythe  Paige
Meiser  Philistar
Bonyo  Rachel Levine  Sam Shaw  Sarah Spadafore  Shantel Wolfe  Stephanie
Snyder  Tara Littman  Tayler Debrosse  Taylor Carney  Taylor Vala  Tom
Ehrman  Tyla Young  Tyler Stallings  Veronica Sefchik  Zak Parrinello

See you at Chapter

*VP of Fundraising *
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
-*Ashley Mullins *
am232009 at ohio.edu

*VP of Fundraising*
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
-*Molly Kleman*
mk160509 at ohio.edu
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