[Aphio-L] Color Wars and stuffff! Get exciteddd!

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HEY BROTHAAAASS! Hope you are all excited for the Color Wars! Its going to
be superrrr fun! I attached a picture of the bandanas, I would try to match
your T-shirt according. Even if you don't have that exact color, I would
wear a color similar! Here are the teams again in order of the colors of
the bandanas in the picture.

Team Green - Beta/Pi
Team Blue (Navy) - Theta (The bandana looks really dark in the pic but its
just navy)
Team Gray - Lambda
Team Purple - Iota
Team Yellow -Epsilon
Team Pink - Kappa/Mu
Team Turquoise - Nu/Rho
Team Orange - Sigma/Psi

Color Wars is at 3 pm at McCracken Fields (Field next to the parking lot of
McCracken Building) tomorrow. Wear comfy clothes and shoes! Bring Water to
stay hydrated!

ALSO SWEATSHIRTS AND TANKS ARE IN! You can pick them up at Color Wars,
Chapter, Initiation or the Picnic. Pledges cannot pick up their sweatshirts
up till Initiation or the Picnic. Or you can have your bigs pick them up.

Donation Hours Opportunity: We need 6 bags of Ice tomorrow. Two bags = 1
service hour. If you are able to donate, email us back so we know! Bring
the bags of ice to McCracken Fields at 3 pm. We will have more donation
opportunities for the food for the picnic so be looking out for that!

Picnic is next Saturday! 1:30 at Strouds Run. You have until tomorrow to
sign up! If you wanna get there early or stay late, we have the shelter
booked for the whole day! Bring all your beach fun stuff and everything!

Also anyone want to be the grill master at the picnic!?

If you all have any questions or concerns about anything, email us!


- Fellowship

*Victoria Vincent*
*vv246109 at Ohio.edu
*VP of Fellowship*
Stephanie Snyder
*ss143310 at ohio.edu <am232009 at ohio.edu>*
*VP of Fellowship*
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