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Chapter Minutes 9/30/12

New Pledge Exec board!!! They’re AWESOME!!!!


   - Office hours Tuesday 1:30-?


   - Question of the week: Any suggestions/comments/concerns about
   switching the float to a banner for Homecoming? Let us know in the new and
   improved suggestion box


- Dues are $55 tonight and $60 next week!


   - Send in your grades! It has to happen eventually.  Jamie Perry,
   Allison Mcdonald, Andrea Korman, Brianna Mctaggart, Caleb Balduff, Camisha
   Vigil, Chelsea Wylie, Cody Romani, Diana Mcdonald, Kendron Taylor, Kimberly
   Olivito, Krystan Krucki, Maria Rosiello, Meghan Gayter, Natalie Armstrong,
   Natalie Zelich, Nick Rees, Sara Bergman, Victoria Vincent, Yessina Carreon,
   Zoe Graham


   - Carfit- November 3rd, training required the day of the event, must be
   signed up by October 26th
   - WOUB Pledge Drive- October 8-12, times TBA
   - Goodworks Parade Walkers- October 13th at 9:15am, specific
   instructions online on where to meet
   - October 6th Pancake Breakfeast- 7:00-10:00am, bus tables, advertise,
   - Spay and Neuter Clinic- Monday October 15th, shifts 10-12, 12-2 and
   4-6, help dogs recover from this traumatic event, don’t sign up for the 2-4
   shift online
   - Run Like Hell 5K- Prizes for best costume and a drawing, event locks
   next Saturday so we can email them
   - GKTW- Past people see Eric, new people theres a short meeting after


   - No slides....
   - Big little night! Beer Olympics minus the beer, apple juice? Bracket
   style, your most recent little is your partner and everyone else pairs up
   in the family, ohh gotta find a day, its gonna be awesome!


   - Hotel Transylvania at the Fun Barn! Wednesday October 3rd, meet in
   Morton parking lot at 9:15
   - Paddle Workshop- October 10th
   - Apple Picking at Lynns Farm- October 14th at 12:30pm
   - Circleville Pumpkin show- October 17th 5pm
   - Picnic in the Park (Lancaster) October 28th 1pm
   - Homecoming Banner instead of float its cost efficient, and more people
   can be involved
   - Homecoming Swearshirt- Pay us those dollasss 26 of them. You can sign
   up till midnight tonight (pledges that means you!)
   - Sign ups lock 24 hours in advance, you must have 4 brothers at an
   event for it to count as an fellowship hour!

Faculty Pageant

   - Contact us with any suggestions or concerns


   - Committee meeting same place this week, contact Robert, Sara or
   Danielle if you don’t know where it is. (It’s in the Honors Collegium aka
   4th floor of baker across from front room)
   - Things to look out for this semester- Smores and hot sider sales and
   christmas themed fundraisers


   - Bake sale this week
   - DP dough fundraiser soon! Later this week or next week!
   - Key chains! Great gifts for your big or little!

Youth Service

   - Indian Mound Festival Setup and 5K- ‘Old clothes advised’ for setup
   Clyde is the man in charge
   - West Elementary Falloween- October 20th (Set up the 19th too), shifts
   are on the website as of today
   - Bulldog Magnet Sale- Benefits TPES playground renovation, $5 per
   magnet, 2 magnets=1 hour


   - 20 DAYS WHOOO!!!!
   - Spaghetti Dinner officially Wednesday October 10th UCM from 6:30-8 $3
   for a big plate of spaghetti, bring all yo friends!
   - Sunday run again next week at 4pm meet by the intramural fields
   - Remember you need 2 5K hours and can only get from actually attending
   (letter writing, donating, ect)
   - Share the link to the donation website that we put on facebook please!
   - Committee meeting same place same time!
   - If you can’t make these meetings remember there are plenty of other
   ways to get your hours: send out donation letters, trash for cash,
   donations for the spaghetti dinner, selling 5K ribbons!
   - If anyone wants their name on the back of the shirt the deadline is
   Oct 3 and gotta donate $100 or more.
   - Hit us up if you have any questions

Service Week

- If your on the committee and not in a sub committee yet see kristen


   - Committee meet in the back after chapter


   - Video Production Major, Junior, North Canton Ohio, his best friend is
   a dog named Gus
   - Committee meet me after chapter by the doors in the middle of morton
   - Anyone who took pictures during activation and the scavenger hunt
   please send the photos to the historian account


   - Brother of the week- Mike Mulig, check out the article on out facebook


   - Happy Birthday to Kelsey Morrow-Fox, Stephanie Gable and Jessica

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