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Here is the List of Bigs in the chapter who are getting littles! Remember
to get them a little something seeing as how this is how you guys will know
who your little is when they end at the scavenger hunt!!! If you have a
gift to bring then please come to Walter 145 at 7:00 pm so we can get the
gifts organized :) If you got a boy it says so next to your name.... if not
then clearly you got a girl lol Also it is indicated if you got twins...
Thank you guys so much for stepping up and supporting this pledge class of
80 people!

 Nate Freeman: BOY  Eric Horton:  Allory Auflick:  Kayleigh Bednarski  Diana
MacDonald: BOY  Yesenia Carreon

Erin Thalheimer

 Nicole Yozwiak  Kiley Harkins: Boy  Jessica Prentis Boy, Girl (Twins)

Julie Topping

 Carly Damman  Sarah Norman: Boy  Brittney McDonagh: Boy  Rebecca
Pennoyer  Alyssa

Alison Styka

 Ellie Drake (Twins)  McKenzie Hood (Twins)

Brianna Washington (Twins)

 Rachel Rutherford  Krysten Krucki (Twins)  Kristen Penkrot

Olivia Biello

 Rachel Levine BOY  Lauren Moran BOY  Katja Slatinsek  Anna Bergstrom BOY

Emily Hahn (Twins)

 Victoria Vincent  Taylor Carney  Claire Stegman

Tessa Yost

 Sara Beyoglides Boy, Girl (Twins)  Ashley Angelo  Emily Rospert

Jessica Baird Girl, Girl (Twins)

 Ashley Urbancic  Hannah Hollingsworth  Maggie Lawlor: Boy  Dom Armelie  Leah
Zellers  Ciara Stritmather  Kayla Marks

Danielle Fultz

 Maria Pantuso  Mike Mulig  Val Hudak  Kathryn Slotta  Megan Fitzgerald

Amnada Breedlove

 Mesha Baylis  Chelsea Arnold  Natalie Armstrong  Courtney Waite  Allison
Barwacz Boy

Sarah Csgonei

 Natalie Zelich  Cody Romani Twins  Carolyn Gardner  Rachael Colby

Jackie Scott

 Stacy Boesch Boy, Girl (Twins)  Robert Burke  MacKenzie Snyder Boy, Girl

Leanna Pitt Girl, Girl Twins)

If you guys have any questions dont hesitate to ask!


Maria Pantuso
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
VP of Membership

Cody Romani
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
VP of Membership

Natalie Zelich
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
VP of Membership
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