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Chapter Minutes 9/3/12

Guest Speaker

   - Register to vote! Form from Gabby, you should register here instead of
   absentee back home! You have to re-register if your address has changed in
   the past year!


- Welcome back! If you are not getting emails from listserv see Sarah after


   - Question of the week! What would you like to see happen with the
   Ombudsmen this semester to better service our brothas from otha motha’s???
   - We will be sending out the application by tomorrow evening so be on
   the lookout! Please try to send these in my next monday.Remember these are
   kept completely anonymous so if you have concerns or questions feel free to
   talk to us anytime!
   - We will be holding an Ombudsmen office hour this semester on Thursdays
   in our office in Baker at 6:00pm!


   - Requirements:
      - 20 Service Hours- 2 Fundraising, 4 Mandatory Service Project (2
      hours from each), 14 other service hours, Maximum of 6 outside
hours (must
      be approved by service).
      - 3 Fellowship Hours- 1 must be with family
      - 8 Committee Hours

- Still need a historian for the semester!


   - Dues are $50 this week, Jordin wont be here the next chapter but the
   chapter after that is still $50 then will start going up


   - Reminders: Now must get 20 service hours, 4 mandatory events, 2
   fundraising which are service to the chapter, 14 others 6 of which can be
   outside hours, email service to get those approved
   - Weeklies:
      - Calliope Choir Child watch- Monday 5:45-8:30, babysitting some
      children at local church while mothers practice in the choir, 3
      together, is now a semester commitment, if you are interested at all even
      if you can half the semester email or talk to service
      - Appalachian Behavioral Health- 3-5pm, work and help with patients,
      MUST be trained, email service if interested and they will set up a
      training day
      - ATCO stuff- Rec Night, Crafts, and UNO (Tuesday nights), Bowling is
      wednesdays from 5-7 starting September 12th, need bowlers,
precedence given
      to those who did it in the past
      - Ray of Hope- Donation made every other week and given to pantry in
      - Good Earth Farm- Waiting for them to get back to us
      - Last Chance Corral- Waiting for them to get back to us
      - Friends of the Shelter Dogs- Paw Paw Festival Saturday September
      15th 10am-8pm, need about 20 volunteers, games, arts and crafts, dog
      sitting, contests
      - Monday Lunch- Staring next week Mondays 9-2, 1 hour shifts
      - Kennedy Gallery Guard- Let us know if you would like to be trained

Other service-

    - Paw Paw Festival- September 14-16th, must volunteer 4 hours shifts,
      shirts and entrance paid for, register online link is on the
service site,
      register no later than friday September 7th
      - Sunshine Run 5K- Saturday September 15th, they need volunteers and
      runners, sign up online, benefits Plains Elementary and Project Sunshine
      - BrAva 5K- Runners, make sure you have a ride to Marietta
      - GKTW Winter Trip- Leave December 29th and come back January 6th,
      approximately $200, we have New Years off, I will start collecting money
      week 4, come see me if you are slightly interested


   - Shirts- if you signed up on the website in the spring we ordered you
   one even if you didn’t pay yet, we also have extra. They are $10
   - Paint the Campus Blue and Gold-
      - Tuesday: 2-6 Baker tabling, need help flyering and chalking, you
      will get hours!
      - Wednesday: 12-6 3rd floor Baker lounge
      - Thursday: 2-6 Baker tabling
      - Friday: SWAG DAY!
   - Rush- Mandatory to attend at least one of the meetings! Monday
   September 10th, business casual, Tuesday September 11th both at 8:30pm in
   Memorial Auditorium
   - If you want a LITTLE!
      - The most recent pledge class cannot get a little :(
      - What you have to do: Fill out a big application, come to one of the
      Rush meetings, come to two if the Rush week events (more info
coming later
      this week), come to Bid day September 23rd

- Committee- See us after chapter briefly


   - Semester Requirements- 3 fellowship hours, at least one with your
   - Give them ideas for fellowship this semester! Other ideas bi-weeklies
   - Picnic with Lancaster September 30th
   - Zoo lights with OSU chapter November 30th
   - Enjoy people in your house? Host a fellowship event!!!!
   - Homecoming! October 7-13, fellowship spirit week (pizza party, paddle
   workshop, float building) Float building do you have a house or truck? Let
   them know!
   - Sweatshirts! Take the survey, http://surveymonkey.com/s/L36X6NN
   - Design contest! Email Fellowship!
   - People who did not pick up their jerseys they will be at chapter next
   - Family heads see Fellowship after chapter

Faculty Pageant

   - Where is the money going to go?!?! St. Judes or Camp Quality
   - Committee we will be in touch


- These people need to send Relay chairs your schedules by 8pm tomorrow!
Andrea Vandarsdalen, Heather Schnell, Jessica Prentis, Kayla Marks, Lindsey
Lykins, Mallory Hart, and Mellissa Petro


- Bake sale this thursday, sign up online

   - Weeklies
   - Sunglasses

Youth Service

- Box Tops you can only get 2 hours a semester for this! 10 box tops=1
hours 20 boxtops=2 hours can do 10 twice or 20 once

   - Committee


   - 10/20/2012 12:00-3:00 committee, keep an eye out for an email
   - Start running!!!

Service Week

- We are going to have our first committee meeting this week 8:30 pm Sunday
September 9th before chapter in Morton 201, contact us if you have any
questions or if you know that you cannot make it during this time


- We need a new one! Any nominations? You’ll serve on execs until the end
of Fall semester, so it would be a short term but a good way to see if you
like execs/want to run again!


   - Committee meeting Wednesday at 7:30 5th floor Baker


   - Brother of the week starts next week
   - Committee members look for the email
   - Meet after chapter to talk about when is a good time for the committee


   - Happy Birthday to everyone who had a summer birthday!!!
   - Happy Birthday to Jessica Brewer, Rachel Reilly, Julie Topping, Olivia
   Biello, Eve Mulach and CODY ROMANI!! Best Membership Chair EVER!!!

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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