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Chapter Minutes 10/21/12


   - Jason- Beta Theta Pi- Mens Social Frat, based on the men of principle
   initiative, they would love to partner with us as an organization and any
   guys who wanna join sign up!
   - Morgan Dewey for Mr. University- Alpha Delta Pi is holding a male
   pageant Nov 19th and wants a male representative from different
   organizations, 4 part pageant, come support Eric Horton!!! Its gonna be SO
   much fun! Tickets are $3 presale and $5 at the door, they will be selling
   tickets in the bottom of Baker the week before


   - Office Hours Tuesday 1:30-2:30


   - What fun things would you like to see at chapter, like a theme or
   something, to switch it up?


- Dues are $65 this week!


   - Reminders- Do NOT sign other people in on the chapter sign in, also
   please do not leave right after getting the sign-in during chapter
   - Nominations- Will be held the next two weeks, please talk to current
   officers about their positions if you are interested, officers: please make
   yourself available to talk about the position


   - Weeklies are up
   - Sign up for Mr. University, 150 people are needed in order to get the
   good stuff
   - Service to the Fraternity, Pick n’ Tell, some shopping app, have
   members ‘like’ our Facebook page and download the app and we get a doll
   hair (dollar) to our fraternity, its fo freeee, e horton will send
   direction via email
   - Better Together Stream Clean-Up, Nov 4th, will be on the website once
   we know the time
   - Community Food Initiatives, Gardening on Wed, Thurs & Fri, 5-7pm
   - Make a Difference Day- Coolville Elementary, shifts from 10:00-12:30
   and 12:30-3:00, assist at booths with health info, cooking demos, gardening
   info & kids activites
   - GKTW Money, Money, Money, Fundraising coming soon
   - FLL Service Trip- Friday Nov 30th-Dec 1st, OU Chillicothe (60 minutes
   away), 6 service hours, sign ups lock this wednesday the 26th, sign up on
   the website, indicate if you can drive, see/call/text Rachel Levine if you
   are interested


   - Make sure you’re getting your hours with your littles!
   - Family events! Pledges are required to get 2 hours with their family,
   they’re freaking out man!


   - Picnic in the Park with Lancaster- October 28th
   - Paddle Workshop- October 28th
   - Hocking Hills wiht OSU- November 10th
   - Missing Sign-ins- Rho DIY nights, 5K training 10/5, Nu study room,
   Iota Nelson Family Dinner, Theta Shive Dive Dinna, Kappa Hangout, Planet
   - Interested in running for Fellowship?! Contact us!


   - Committee meeting after chapter

Faculty Pageant

   - Committee meeting after chapter
   - Allison is in the process of designing a t-shirt, if we can sell 200
   of them they will only be $7.17, we would sell them for $10 to raise money


   - Keychain will be here next week
   - Committee Meeting Wednesday 7:30 Front Room
   - If you have donations that need to be dropped off to me for candy
   grams, text me to arrange a drop off time

Youth Service

   - Thanks for making Falloween a success!
   - Box Tops hours should be up to date
   - Coming up: West Elementary World Run & Santa Tree Fundraising
   - Pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House! Donate 20 pop tabs for a service


   - We will have the grand total next week for everyone
   - Hope to have hours updated tomorrow looks out for an email from us
   - If you still need your t-shirt find Chelsea Arnold


Service Week

   - WOOO!!! Get Excited! Get Rowdy! Get Active!
   - Service Week is only TWO WEEKS AWAY!
   - We will begin to put the events on the website for you cool cats to
   sign up
   - We would love it if you have any ideas about anything & want to share
   - Service to do: Kick CF, Schools, Blood Drive, Vegan Cooking, Walk at
   the Ridges, Health Facts, Sations on campus guest speakers and health fair,
   chapter goals, movie night, disease of the day, tshirts

Inter Chapter

- Selling Koozies after chapter! You can now buy both of your fundraising
hours so buy koozies and keychains!


   - Brother of the Week: Emily Rospert
   - Dont forget to.... NOMINATED A BROTHER OF THE WEEK!!!
   - You can nominate people in the suggestion box, email PR or Ombudsmen
   or talk to Mary Kate


   - Happy Birthday to Stacy Boesch, Victioria Vincent, Mackenzie Snyder


   - If you volunteered at the Obama rally make a sign in sheet
   - Still have spots for NOLA see Marissa
   - Spots available to sell koozies this weekend
   - Survey for service week shirt, take it
   - Female Flag Football tournament Nov 17th, 7 people on a team, talk to
   Ashley Mullins
   - Service week free shirt! If you make a design the winning design gets
   a free shirt

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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