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Tue Oct 16 18:37:22 EDT 2012

If you're struggling getting your hours here are the ways left:
1. Sign up for flyering/chalking on Thursday
2. Sign up for donating $10 worth of colored flyers
3. Sign up to donate $10 worth of chalk
4. 1 person sign up to donate the race numbers
5. GET TWO PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF APHIO TO RUN (don't forget to sign up and
write their name in the comment box)

ALSO, Dinner donations, tabling, bake sale donations, donations for day of,
and obviously the race have NOT been updated yet, so if you did something
else and your hour is not up it means you got docked.

HOPE YOU'RE ALL EXCITED! Don't forget we have little awards, raffle prizes,
food, and your T-shirt so spread the word and get your friends to sign up!

*5k Co-Chairs*
Alpha Phi Omega

 *Chelsea Arnold*
ca228009 at ohio.edu

*Colleen Meder*
cm224510 at ohio.edu

5k.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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