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Chapter Minutes 10/14/12


   - Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me! Who knew our president was
   Kim Possible


- Question of the week- What do you thing we could do next year for
Homecoming week?


   - Dues are $60 this week and $65 next week!
   - Update on out finances- Last spring fundraising raised $871.17! WHOOO
   1/4 of that goes to fundraising for nationals
   - We ended the school year with $9686.42 in our main account and
   $16,842.25 in the scholarship account!


   - BOBCATS #25 IN THE NATION! 7 and 0hhhh


   - Spay and Neuter Clinic- October 15
   - ATCO Dance- October 20th $5 if you don’t wear a costume and $3 if you
   wear a costume
   - POTW: Horse and Rescue Farm- October 20 9:30-1:00 give horses a spa
   day and paint a cat shed
   - Run Like Hell 5K- October 20
   - Car Fit- November 3 9:00am-3:00pm
   - UCM Benefit Auction- November 17 at the community center, childcare,
   event help, clean up 5:45-9:30 volunteers get pizza
   - OBamas Event (6 outside hours) Wednesday 12-8pm,Tuesday night
   training, no ticket needed, sign up by tonight, even if slightly
   interested, no one will be docked, put cell phone and email in comment box
   - FLL Trip! OU-Chillicothe Branch, Friday November 30th (when people get
   done with class)- Evening of December 1st, see Rachel Levine after chapter
   - Get your hours!!! Just a reminder don’t wait to get your hours! There
   80 people who currently have 0 service hours.... yikes!
   - Mr. University- Male pageant raising money for Ronald McDonald House,
   if we get 150 people to attend, Eric Horton will wear a tie dye speedo
   during the swimsuit competition!!!!
   - GKTW- Give me your money please
   - Old GKTW people- pay me back please


   - Big Little Night! SIgn up on the website, write in the comment box who
   your partner is! Mandatory if you have a little. Friday October 19th at
   6pm, meet at college gate
   - Donations- Tables, food, drinks, sign up on the website


- Pick up homecoming sweatshirts directly after chapter from Victoria

- Thank you to everyone who made this homecoming week a success!

   - Walking Dead after Chapter at Ciaras apt Riverpark Building 33 #301
   - Slice Night 10/17 6pm
   - 7 psychopaths at funbarn 10/17 7pm meet in Morton
   - Planet Ping 10/19
   - Paddle Workshop 10/28 5pm


   - Committee meeting tonight after chapter
   - Relay for Life kick off started last week! Look for Relay events
   around campus and show them your support

Faculty Pageant

   - Committee see us after chapter, we’re meeting for real next week
   before chapter 8:30


   - DP Dough Fundraiser- Wednesday October 17th  6pm-10pm, code: APhiO
   - Candy Gram Donations- Monday: Frontroom 11-3, Tuesday: Library 10-1,
   Thursday: Frontroom 11-2 or text Krystan to arrange a drop off time

Youth Service

   - Bulldog Magnet- give me your $10 please!
   - Falloween- they are wanting MORE volunteers for the actual event


   2 5K HOURS!
   - Join the  facebook group and add your friends
   - Remember if you get 2 friends to sign up that are not in aphio you can
   get a 5K hour, just sign up online under friends NOT in aphio and in the
   comment box put their names
   - Smile markers get there early to get your spots (11:30 at the latest),
   the race will start between 12 and 12:30, you can start bringing food
   donations to Chelsea or Colleens house, of day-of for the stuff that will
   go bad
   - Huge thanks to everyone that helped out at the spaghetti dinner! Also
   a huge thanks to Emily Rosepert the committee head who organized
   everything!!! We raised $635!!!!!!!!
   - GET EXCITED! 61 degrees for Saturday, perfect running weather! We have
   - We have prizes! If you want to get more raffle tickets to increase
   your chances they are 25cents!
   - Goal $500, $2085 ($1200) Registration thus far, $304 Ice cream social,
   $635 Spaghetti Dinner, $263 General fundraising, Grand total so far: $4487
   - Committee meeting same place and time

Service Week

   - Committee meeting a week from today, before chapter at 8:30pm in
   Morton 313
   - Contact us if you have any questions

Inter Chapter

- Committee meeting Monday at 9pm on the 5th floor of Baker


   - Brother of the Week! Brenden Robinson! Check out the full article on
   - Nominate a Brother of the week! Let us know in the suggestion box,
   email PR or email Ombudsmen


- Happy Birthday to Lauren Brockman-Dominak, Andrea Korman, Ashlee
Campbell, and Leanna Pitt and none for Stacey Boesch. Happy birthday to

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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