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Chapter Minutes 10/7/12


   - Office hours Tuesday 1:30-2:30 in Baker 312


   - Question of the week- Any suggestions/ideas for activities for the day
   of 5k?
   - If you put a suggestion in the suggestion box or send an annonymous
   email we talk about it at execs and make changes but if you do not put your
   name we cannot tell you what we are doing to fix it. Let us know who you
   are and we’ll tell you


- Dues ate $60 this week!


- “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know
nothing.” -Plato... Thats deep :)


   - WOUB Pledge Drive- up all week
   - Athens Mini Farmers Market- This friday, need to help set up the
   - Good Works Homecoming Parade Walkers- Saturday Morning
   - Community Food Initiatives Fundraising Dinner- Help make and serve
   Indian dinner
   - Spay and Neuter Clinic- Week from this Monday, one shift open from
   - Run Like Hell Volunteers- You are now locked into the event, thank you
   for volunteering!
   - Car Fit- November 6th, if you need training be there at 9am, if you
   don’t need training show up at 11, sign ups lock October 26th
   - Midwest Big Cat Care- October 14th 10am-1pm
   - Donations for Homecoming cookout and parade- Drop off donations to
   Victoria or Ashley, check website for deets, Candy donations: 1 large
   bag=1hour, need 10 people, food donations for alumni cook out: 4 packages
   of frozen hamburgers (12 ct.), 4 packages of hot dogs, 4 packages of
   hamburger buns, 4 packages of hotdog buns, 3 packages of cups (16 ct.), 3
   packages of assorted cutlery (knifes, forks, spoons), 2 packages of napkins
   (50 ct.)
   - ATCO Halloween Dance Help- Friday October 19th 3:30-5:50 to decorate
   (5 people), Saturday October 20th 3-5 finish decorating (5 people), 6-8:30
   dance (unlimited people), 8:30-10 tear down (5 people)
   - GKTW people pay me por favor


   - Big Little Night! “Beer Olympics” You Big/Little is your partner for
   the games! If you have more than one/twins pair up inside your family,
   Friday October 19th starting at 6pm, sign up on the website
   - Pledges- At all service and fellowships sign in with the work “pledge”
   after your name
   - Bigs/Littles- you must get 2 hours of fellowship and 2 hours of
   service together! No double dippin


   - Homecoming week events! Monday- Banner making, Tuesday- Movies (Pitch
   Perfect) 9:55 at funbarn, Wednesday- GKTW spaghetti dinner at UMC,
   Thursday- Banner making, Friday- Homecoming Alumni cookout at Macy Musicks
   house 6pm, Saturday- Parade walking 8am at Factory st, Sunday- Apple
   Picking (Columbus) 12:30pm
   - Homecoming Sweatshirt ($25) We will be distributing them thursday and
   friday, please pay, if the meeting times do not work please contact
   fellowship chairs

Faculty Pageant

   - February 16th at 1pm!!!! at Mem Aud! GET EXCITED!!!!!!!
   - Committee meeting next week at 8:30


   - Reminder- No committee meeting this week, see Robert after chapter if
   you can’t make it and haven’t told any of us yet
   - Get swabbed!


   - Bake Sale
   - Key Chains $3.00
   - Candy Grams- 2 people: 50 sandwich bags, 1 person: 1 spool of black
   ribbon and 1 spool of orange ribbon, 7 people: 1 bag of chocolate candy and
   1 bag of candy corn

Youth Service

   - Bulldog Magnet- $10 for 2 magnets=1 hour, Athens High School mascot,
   proceeds got to TPES
   - West Elementary Falloween- Get excited! Sign up for clean up!
   - Science Fairs- Julie will talk about them next week


   - Sign up for your t-shirt size tonight or else your getting a random
   - Sign up for the spaghetti dinner for a fellowship hour
   - We need people to sign up to make gingerbread cookies
   - Sign up for the race on the 20th (if you would like to be a smile
   marker- sign up online so we can see how many)
   - We still need donations for the dinner especially sauce, drop off by
   tuesday night to Emily Rospert at 40 West State!
   - Penny Wars! As of right now Epsilon is winning!


   - Committee please meet me after chapter for just a quick chat and a
   couple of reminders
   - Check out our facebook group and our chapters website for the latest
   AphiO photos and videos
   - Send photos of service, fellowship, ect. to the historian account (
   historian.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com)

Service Week

   - Attention all pledges! If you need mandatory committee hours, come to
   out committee meetings because we would love your help!
   - Our next committee meeting will be on Sunday October 21st in Morton
   3113 before chapter at 8:30pm
   - Look out for an email from us, in case anything changes
   - Some events that will be coming up- Blood Drives on Nov 1st at Baker,
   Nov 6th at Biddle and Nov 8th at the Fron Four 2-8pm, cab only get 1 blood
   drive hour or else you won’t have enough blood to do other service
   - Vegan cooking is back from 7-10pm on Tuesday Nov 6th! Details about
   where and what ties they will be on the website
   - Schedule for ping exercise classes
   - Fellowship- 1 hour 4 or more people and a sign in

Inter chapter

   - KOOZIES ARE HERE! Buy one.... or 10
   - Buy 2 or more and ger a fundraising hour $4 each 3 for $10, bring
   money to chapter each week or contact Jamie or Mesha
   - They will be tabling this week so look out for that on the website


- Brother of the Week! NATALIE ZELICH!!!!!! Shes the bomb!!!


   - Happy Birthday to Maria Rosiello, Danielle Taylor, Maggie Lawlor!


   - 5K video will be posted on our fb page so SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!!

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
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