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Mon Nov 26 21:23:22 EST 2012

Just a reminder that we have still not put up the hours for THE BENEFIT
CONCERT (11/2) and the HEALTHY STATIONS ON FRIDAY (11/9) because we have
not received sign ins for them.  The sign in for the healthy station has
been lost, unless someone can tell us where the SW box went....?  If you
can't tell us that, please email a sign in for that healthy station asap so
we can complete the event.

Secondly, I know that the slide said that we were going to have the
CLOTHING DONATION sign in completed by tonight, but there are still
complications with that, so that will not be completed until the end of the

Lastly, T-SHIRTS:  You can pick them up at 32 North Congress St. (Tori's
house, all you have to do is walk up the alley way next to wings over and
turn right) on Thursday from 7-9 pm or Friday from 4-6 pm.  Please give
shoot me a text at 440-223-2618 if you are planning on stopping by at
either of those times.  Don't forget your 12 dollars when you come!  If you
cannot make it then, you can pick up your shirt at chapter on Sunday.

Email us with any questions.


*Service Week Co-Chairs
*Alpha Phi Omega- Delta Gamma

**Tori Carras*
vc338410 at ohio.edu

*Kristen Mason*
km147509 at ohio.edu

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