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Mon Nov 19 13:54:50 EST 2012

Hey guys,
          Mackenzie and I met today and decided that everyone needed to be
reminded of certain details of service:

1. Do *Not* sign up for an event online with the intention of only
volunteering for a portion of the event. This has been happening more and
more and it has caused some issues. Therefore, *after tonight*, if you sign
up for an event and don't stay the whole time, you will be docked however
many hours the event is.

2. You can get *6* outside hours (non aphio), just email us what you did,
and some way to verify these hours.

3. You can get *6* hours from donations, anymore than 6 will not count
towards your 14.

4. You can *only* get up to *4* hours from events such as 5k, service week,
relay for life, pledge service projects, faculty pageant.

Please remember that questions regarding* 5k and service week *should be
directed to those co-chairs and perspective emails.

These limits are not put into place to punish anyone, they are simply there
to urge people to diversify their service experiences and to explore other
opportunities. If you have issue, please email us, as we can be of service
to you. Thank you and see ya tonight at Mr. University.

Vice Presidents of Service
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*
Eric Horton           MacKenzie Snyder
740.243.5267        614.202.1530


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