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Chapter Minutes 11/12/12

- Sorry for getting these out so late! Hope you all have a good week!


   - Hope everyone had a good long weekend!


   - Question of the week? Who loves orange soda?!?! JK! Feedback from
   service week?
   - Trivia! “Im gonna give you to the count of 10 to get your ugly, yella,
   no-good keister off my property... before I pump your guts full of lead!”
   Guess that quote!


   - Pay your dues!


   - Process and reminders- Each nominee will speak one at a time and will
   have no more than 2 minutes. The order in which the candidates speak will
   be alphabetical based on last name. After giving a speech the candidate
   will be asked questions if applicable, the candidate will then leave the
   room and the chapter will have time to comment. The candidate will then be
   brought back in if any comments need to be answered.
   - More Processes and reminders- Pledges cannot vote. Please remember to
   vote for the correct number of people for each position. If you have any
   comments or questions and you wish to remain anonymous please send them to
   the ombudsmen account.


   - My Sisters Place Donations- This will be a new weekly, drop off to
   Brittany Buynak, Wish List:
   http://mspathens.org/index.php.how-to-give/current-needs, $10 worth of
   donations to get an hour!
   - Dodgeball Tournament- November 14th at 8pm, Grover Gym, 5 people per
   team $50 for each team, cash prizes!
   - Hurricane Sandy Donations- Drop off to 8 Last St to Stephanie Born by
   November 19th, collecting clothing, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper,
   paper towels, tampons, soap, ect.
   - Hurricane Sandy T-Shirts- $15 per tshirt, proceeds benefit Red Cross
   chapters around Long Island
   - Rural Auction Fundraising Brunch- Need help sitting up and at the event
   - Mr. University! Next Monday! $3 presale and $5 at the door
   - Help Sarah win her class competition! Food drive for Athens County
   Food Bank, bring 5 canned goods/dry food (nonperishables) to Sarah, you can
   bring them to chapter next Sunday or drop them off to Sarahs house this
   week. She will love you forever! Sign up on the website 11/18. This counts
   as service hours AND you get to help a bro out!
   - Please make sure you are emailing the correct accounts with questions!
   - Always use the service email, not our personal emails, this goes for
   all positions!
   - Text them only for emergencies


- Thanksgiving dinner is Wednesday!!!!! Get hungry!


   - Get your family hours!
   - Upcoming events! Pinterest Day thursday November 15, National Rural
   Health Day Friday November 16, Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Sunday before
   chapter, Zoo lights with OSU friday November 30th, 50 people are signed up!
   Dont forget if you signed up, if you can’t go take yourself off the list!
   - Homecoming Sweatshirts! Get yours!
   - Reminders- You need 3 fellowship hours per semester, one of these must
   be a family hour! There are 120 people missing their family hour, you only
   have 4 weeks left! Majority of the chapter have 1 or less fellowship hours
   total! What can we do to help fix this?!?! Email fellowship account


   - Holiday events! (Including but not limited to Hanukkah, Kwanzaa,
   Chinese New yearm Festivus, ect.)
   - Throughout late November and early December relay will be organizing a
   series of holiday themed service and fellowship events. They will also be
   fundraising for AphiO Delta Gammas Relay donation fund
   - Santa at Baker- November 28th Baker 4th floor from 11am-3pm, get your
   picture taken with Santa for a dollar! There will also be a bake sale,
   hours will be offered for tabling and donations for the bake sale, all
   donations will be due by November 25th
   - Carol-o-gram- Like candy grams except you sing it! We will be selling
   them from the November 28-30th from 11am-3pm at the 4th floor of Baker,
   hours will be offered for tabling, $2 per carol-o-gram, buy one for a
   friend/business/loved one. They will take requests! All carol-o-grams will
   be delivered either the night of the 7th or 8th of December (times will be
   announced later). Fellowship hours offered for those who will be caroling.
   - Toy Drive- Donations will be accepted at chapter and on the 28th-30th
   of November at the 4th floor of Baker from 11am-3pm, again hours are
   offered for tabling and possibly donating, new or gently used toys, we are
   hoping to be able to deliver the toys ourselves to Nationwide Children's
   Hospital in Columbus, however we have yet to hear back from them before we
   can promise anything
   - If anyone knows someone who is a photographer/has a nice camera or
   owns a Santa outfit please email the relay account


   - Thanks to the few of you who sent pictures this week! They should be
   on the website soon!
   - Reminder committee please don’t forget to send in pics and I will be
   contacting you all in the next few weeks for scrap book making
   - Send pictures to the historian account!
   - You could be featured on our chapters home page or even in out
   chapters scrapbook archives for years or new aphio actives and potentials
   to see!

Youth Service

   - PIZZA!
   - Santa Tree Fundraisers- Bake sales tuesday and thursday, we need
   - Library helpers
   - Craft Bazaar- Saturday, Craft
   - Box tops/ Pop tabs/ Books- what is a box top? Sign ups, names and
   - Subbing shits
   - Turn in your sign ins
   - Turn in your donations

Service week

   - We have not put up the hours yet, and will send out an email when we
   complete events on the website
   - We expect all of your to have one mandatory hour from kick cf,
   flyering, healthy stations or schools, unless you have emailed us and told
   us otherwise
   - If you signed up for the trimble gardens look out for an email
   - We are still getting a lot of emails about the non-existent sign in
   for the SW speaker, the deal is that you will get your hour if you went,
   and if you could not get in, you do not get docked but you do not get and
   - Bring us sign ins!
   - Pick up your SW shirt for $12
   - Drop off clothing donations
   - THANK YOU! We appreciate all the help we got from everyone this week,
   and hope you all enjoyed SW as much as we did!


   - Committee meeting Tuesday at 7:30 on the 5th floor of Baker


   - Brother of the week is Kristen Mason! Check out the full article on
   - Nominate brothers for brother of the week!


- Happy Birthday to Bridget VanDenHaute, Danielle Douglas, Colleen Meder
and Morgan Messenheimer!!!!


   - Natalie has a table from big/little, who’s is it?
   - Donations to help Sarah win her class competition is for service
   hours! Help her out!

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
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