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Hey guys below is the list of what each family is supposed to bring for
THANKSGIVING DINNA!!!! So if you are signed up please please please help
your family! Most of the stuff I gave exact amounts of how much to buy..
But if your cant find the exact can/box size i stated do the math yourself,
we needs foods for 150 peeps! If you guys have any questions about how much
to buy or how to make stuff please dont hesistate to contact me!

Theta: Rolls

Rho (14ppl) :Mashed Potatoes Instant (26.7 oz box Serves 40 per box) 4 Boxes
Psi: (12 ppl) Gravy (18 oz can serves 9 per can) 20 Cans

Lambda: (11 ppl) Corn (Frozen 32 oz bag, serves 10 per bag) 12 Bags
Beta: (12 ppl) Stuffing ( 27 small boxes Boxes)

Sigma: Vegetarian dish

Mu: (10 ppl) Desserts

Iota: (10 ppl) sweet Potatoes (40 oz can serves 7 per can) 15 cans
Epsilon: (7 ppl) Drinks

Zeta: (8 ppl) Green beans (50 oz can, serves 12 per can) 12 cans

NU: (10 ppl) Salad
Pi: (10 ppl) Desserts
Kappa: (8 ppl) Salad dressing

The number next to the family is how many people from each family signed up
to come. Also let me know if you can cook a turkey... i have 10 of them....



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Natalie Zelich
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