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Hey  bros,

It looks like there was a mistake made when the sign up on the website for
SW fliering weas created, because there was supposed to be a cap of 30
people, but but that obviously did not happened which lead 68 of you to
sign up for flyering.  Unfortunately we are still going to cap it at 30, so
we apologize if you signed up for that and if you are numbers 31-68,
because we will not need that many peopel to flyer.  For those of you who
will not get your hour for fliering, we undertsand if you may have
conflicts with going to the schools, the health fair, the healthy
stations, or kick cf, so we are willing to make compromises with you if you
are having a hard time getting that mandatory SW hour.  Please email us
with questions or conerns.

With that being said, we do want to point out that we have a lot of
opportunities for you guys to get you hours, and we just want to remind you
that you have to get TWO total hours for SW, ONE from either Kick Cf, the
Health Fair, Schools, Fliering, or Healthy Stations, and one additional

Also, we just wanted to note that you have to get two service hours for 5k,
and two for SW.  You need a total of 4 mandatory service hours, but they
need to be atleast two for each event.

Lastly, Kick CF is this Sunday! Woo Hoo!  We really hope to see more of you
sign up because it will be very fun, and it is pretty cheap.  As of right
now, there are only about three teams signed up, so we are super bummed
out, and hope for a bigger turn out, so please sign up!  And don't forget
about the Kick off to service week potluck on Sunday as well, it will be a
blast and you will miss out if you don't come and celebrate the kick off to
service week with your bros.


Tori and Kristen
*Service Week Co-Chairs
*Alpha Phi Omega- Delta Gamma

**Tori Carras*
vc338410 at ohio.edu

*Kristen Mason*
km147509 at ohio.edu

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