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Bare on Bricks!

   - $10 per person, or $100 flat rate for 20 people or even 50
   - afterparty at Courtside, lots of games prizes awards food and help
   community too!
   - sign up sheet or on website

Brianna Nadsy

   - $5 for a OU cuzie!

 -risk management

   - Everyone who has never attended
   - February 25th (sat) from noon to three pm in Morton 201
   - Lunch is provide

 -office hours:

   - For any questions/comments/concerns/whatever
   - Monday and Wednesday 3-4pm

 -Who: This event is mandatory for...

   - All the lovely new actives who rushed last quarter
   - All the wonderful pledges from this quarter
   - Anyone who did not attend last years workshop
   - BUT - as always any brothers who would like to come are more than

 -What: Risk Management Workshop
 -When: Saturday February 25, 2012/12:00pm-3:00pm (may end earlier)
 -Where: Morton 201

   - Food will be provided yummmmmmm.
   - if you want to run for J-Board, let us know!

 -Q of week:

   - What would you like to get out of the risk management workshop on
   Saturday, February 25?
   - What activities would you like to do?
   - Speakers?

 -Big/Little night

   - this Thurs, Feb. 2nd!
   - 7 pm
   - UMC on College!
   - dress up with big/lineage or as a whole family!
   - first letter of family name
   - Nu-nautical, Zeta-zebras
   - pledges bring your binders!!!

 -Faculty Pageant

   - promo video out, check it! (youtube style)
   - repost and tag yourself in the Ava Nichols faculty pageant, make it
   your profile picture!

 -Weeklies up after chapter

   - bring in sign ins!!
   - Just a reminder, when you sign up for a service event please make sure
   you know where you are going beforehand and not the hour of!
   - Polar Bear Plunge Feb 11 on website!
   - Bare on the Bricks Feb 11 on website

 -Letter writing parties

   - Each person brings 5 addresses from home, including parents, aunts,
   uncles, grandparents, best friends parents etc.
   - You write Dear _______, then sign your name at the bottom of the
   - Write the address on the envelop along with a return address.
   - Put a stamp on each envelop.
   - Hand it to Jackie or Monica and you receive. 1 5k hour!

 -how do I get 5k hour?

   - Tabling (sign ups online under other events).
   - Passing out flyers before the 5k.
   - Graffiti wall before 5k.
   - Valentine's Day candy grams (tabling/making/dropping off).
   - Letter Writing Party.
   - Food donations for 5k.
   - Hopefully a benefit concert
   - Attending the 5k (1 hour).

 -sign up online

   - Make sure you sign up online for your t-shirt size by February 1st at
   the latest!
   - Sign up online if you will be attending the 5k!
   - Sign up for letter writing parties (after chapter) online!
   - If you didn't this week no worries.
   - Don't forget to put your spare change to penny wars, winning pledge
   class gets 1 donation hour for spring quarter.


   - Sibs weekend, day of, and benefit concert sub-committee meeting...
   - Tuesday, January 31st at 7:15 pm at
   - Baker Food Court


   - Sign ups close on Wednesday at Midnight, Sign up!
   - $6 a person, Need people to drive!
   - Money Due by Feb 12th


   - sign up online by feb 5 if interested in shirts
   - $5 or you can bring your own shirt, sheets, boxers, oven mitts
   - Jan 15th last day to buy formal tickets, $20 for single, $40 for couple

 -fellowship of week:

   - Moviesss! ($4 Tuesdays!) 5:30 pm Jan. 31
   - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy @ Athena Cinema
   - APhiO day at Brenens!
   - Anyone who comes to Brenen's wearing APO Gear on Thursday (February 2)
   gets a sandwich and a drink for $5!!


   - Sign up online to donate box tops!
   - 10 box tops = 1 hour
   - you can only do this once a quarter


   - you rock and we love you
   - NO meeting next week, you're welcome.
   - We're still trying to find things to do for the tiny humans.  Have an
   idea?  Hit us up.


   - Hot apple cider re-scheduled for Thursday February 2 12-4pm
   - sunglasses blue with greek letters
   - maybe some keychains too!


   - bro of week: Macy Musick
   - check out the full article on our facebook page!

  -going to NOLA?

   - Well guess what!? YOU CAN STILL GO TO SECTIONALS!
   - The NOLA trip will run Friday to Friday this year instead of Saturday
   to Saturday. This means we'll arrive back in Ohio early Saturday morning,
   just in time for the sectional conference
   - We want as many people to help present this bid as possible, so we
   hope to have at least 1 car from NOLA drive to Miami to bring some bros
   to put on this bid
   - 56/59 sectionals
   - Friday, March 23rd - Sunday, March 25th
   - Facebook event - https://www.facebook.com/events/321968821163326/
   - Registration? I will let the chapter know about deadlines and $$ as
   soon as I find out

 -Theme ideas for our bid:

   - UFC (ultimate fraternity conference)
   - CSI (it could stand for something if someone can come up with
   something clever)
   - Safari
   - Tacky Tourists (could come up with a different name, but same idea)
   - *If anyone has workshop ideas, feel free to contact me!
   - email committee soon when meeting is

 -happy birthday to

   - Brianna Washington - January 29
   - Lauren McGrath - January 30
   - Natalie Zelich - January 31
   - Michael Mulig - February 1
   - SUPPORTIVE BRO- Eric Horton, working really hard on faculty pageant


   - WOUB pledge drive- cant sign up sorry
   - girl scout cookies! - find Julie

Brianna McTaggart
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
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