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Below is the list by families! We had some families that needed more people
and didn't have enough bigs, so a few people got twins!! If you got a twin,
you'll see (2) next to your name and if yours is a boy you'll see (boy)!!
We tried to keep the families as even as possible, but because of this some
people did not get littles. We chose seniors without littles first, then
juniors without littles and with littles, then sophomores. We're sorry if
anyone is really disappointed, but remember you can still be involved with
the pledges in your family and get a little next time!

Don't forget Activation is this Thursday at 7:00 pm in Walter 145, and the
scavenger hunt where your family meets its pledges is after!! Also don't
forget to buy your little a gift! We'll have gift drop-off times and
locations at chapter tomorrow.

Let us know if you have any questions, thanks guys!!
Ashley Mullins
Nate Freeman
Sidney Lawlor

Kiley Harkins
Nicole Yozwiak (2)
Andrea Korman
Jessica Prentis

Maggie Lawlor
Kayli Stevens
Ashley Urbancic
Meredith Woods (boy)
Hannah Hollingsworth
Madison Vassari (boy)

Chelsea Wylie
Kayla Henscei (2)
Mike O'Hanlon
Brittany McDonagh
Alex Doyle
Lauren Elliott
Amie Davis

Maria Rosiello
Ellie Drake
Courtney Cohen (boy)

Sarah Cervenec
Sariya Winters
Emily Bowman
Erika Ratner
Olivia Biello

Victoria Calderon
Curran Rhodes (boy)
Alex Kairys
Stephanie Gable
Rachel Levine (boy)
Mallory Renner

Jenn Branch
Jordin Shannon
Victoria Vincent
Claire Stegman
Macy Musick

Jennifer Barstow
Kelsi Burkhart
Steph Bricklebank (boy)
Laura Montag
Jess Diamond

Ashley Angelo
Sara Beyoglides (2) (1 boy)
Cleo Stoll

Michael Mulig
Maria Pantuso
Zoe Graham

Paige Formanek
Chelsea Arnold
Colleen Hicks (boy)
Sarah Csongei
Dani Taylor
Danielle Douglas

Katelyn Crabtree
Kedron Taylor
Cody Romani (boy)
Lisa Dean
Natalie Zelich
Brianna McTaggert

*Zeta *
Mackenzie Snyder (2)
Myranda Owca (2) (1 boy)


Jordin Shannon
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
VP of Membership

Erika Ratner
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
VP of Membership
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