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   - Seth from empower - Dads weekend beer tasting tickets 1/21/12
   - Message from Julie- GKTW message awesome representatives and
   outstanding students! Much thanks!


   - Notes to seniors go around every chapter
   - Seniors will get baggy of nice notes from bros


   - Informal : January 9th (Monday) 8-9 in Baker Ballroom
   - Formal : January 10th (Tuesday) 8-9 in Baker Ballroom
   - *You must come to at least one rush date or it will count as one of
   your missed mandatory events..**


   - *Will be sitting in random seating (colored note cards)
   - *After the presentation you will be asked to communicate with the
   potentials in the crowd.
   - *Answer any questions they may have
   - * Tell them about your experience with APhiO


   - *Speed dating!
   - *Will try to space people out better in order to allow for better
   - *We NEED people to step up and be bigs! Lots more rush during winter!!
   - * We are going to try to space out little's so families don't become
   huge or super tiny.
   - **Give them to me at one of the two rush days**


   - Financial aid forms are available:

  1.      Contact us at ombudsmen.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
  2.      We'll send you a financial aid form
  3.      Fill it out and send it back to us by deadline TBA
  4.      We'll let you know if you meet the requirements
  1.      Process is completely anonymous
  2.      Even if you've qualified for financial aid in the past, you must
re-apply this quarter!

   - Any suggestions, email ombudsmen!


   - Send GRADES!
   - Just GPA, copy it from myohio
   - Send by week 4 or INACTIVE
   - Do NOT make your own sign in sheet for chapter
   - Fellowship nominations: Victoria Vincent


   - Formal !
   - When: February 25th
   - Where: OU Inn
   - -Appetizers/Drinks will be served, not a full plated meal
   - Cost: $20 per person
   - - 160 people max, Tickets will be available starting next week at
   - First come first serve!!
   - Theme: Murder Mystery
   - Fellowship of week:
   - Slice Night! Wednesday @ Courtside 6:00 pm


   - *fill out big application!!!!
   - Activation!
   - -Thursday, Jan. 19th
   - -Walter 135
   - -7:00 pm
   - Big/Little Night
   - -Thursday, Jan. 26th
   - -Time and Place TBA
   - History Night
   - -Thursday, March 8th
   - -Walter 145
   - -7:00 pm
   - Initiation
   - -Spring Quarter!!
   - -in preparation for semester transition


   - Ava Nichols faculty pageant
   - March 7 7pm Baker Ballroom- wohooo!!
   - Information on your Outgoing Faculty
   - Take a faculty information form (next week will be available)
   - Talk your faculty
   - Send us their emails and names so we can email them.
   - Please sign up for the event on the APO website.
   - Your attendance is appreciated
   - We need two outgoing people to host the event.
   - If you are interested please talk to me or Gracie Levally
   - You will get service hours for this
   - Committee
   - Meet very quickly after chapter in middle of Morton
   - Normal Committee Meetings:
   - Mondays
   - 7 p.m.
   - Mackinnon Hall Basement
   - MONDAY 1/9:
   - Monday Lunch: 9am-2pm, 1 hour shifts
   - Calliope ChildCare: 5:40-8:15, 2 people
   - TUESDAY 1/10:
   - ATCO Uno: 3:30-4:30, 3 people
   - ATCO Crafts: 4-5, 5 people
   - ATCO Rec Night: 4:30- 6, 10 people
   - WEDNESDAY 1/11:
   - ATCO League HELPERS: 5-7PM, 5 people
   - (hopefully!!!) Hats for Heads: 7-9PM, 10 people
   - FRIDAY 1/13:
   - Last Chance Corral: 9am-11am, 10 people
   - Kennedy Guard(must be trained!) 12-5, 2 shifts, 2 people each
   - Kennedy Guard Training: time to be announced asap
   - Interested in ABH or Kennedy Guard
   - For either of these, you need to be trained!
   - On the website tonight along with weeklies there will be sign ups if
   you would like to be trained for either ABH or Kennedy Guard
   - ABH is WEDNESDAYS from 3:30 to 5PM, you MUST GO EVERY WEEK
   - Kennedy Guard is FRIDAYS from 12-2:30 or 2:30-5, don't go every week,
   a couple of shifts per quarter
   - ATCO bowlers
   - if you haven't emailed us back yet, please find Sarah after chapter or
   email tonight if possible!!
   - just need to know if you would like to still bowl this quarter,
   remember its Wednesdays from 5-7PM, $4 a week
   - if you weren't a bowler last quarter, but would like to be, as soon as
   we know if and how many spots are available, we'll send an email for new
   - Interested in running for service chair - talk to service chairs!
   (they’re friendly!)


   - Active for ATCO!!
   - When: Saturday, March 3rd 2012
   - Location: Ping!
   - Supporting: ATCO
   - 5k is the MANDATORY service event this quarter...Everyone needs 2
   - 1 hour=attending 5k
   - 1 hour=letter writing parties, tabling, flyering, donations, and other
   fun stuff.
   - *Letter writing party dates and times will be announced next Sunday at
   chapter so please bring planners!
   - Our goal is to NOT send mass e-mails, so we will be sending just 1 a
   week, so please read that e-mail. No need to repeat things at chapter and
   make it longer if everyone reads their e-mails!
   - *if you cannot attend 5k, contact chairs and make up other hour
   - If you can NOT attend the 5k please just get in contact with us
   through our e-mail 5k.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com and we will be happy to
   find you another hour so you don't get deactivated.
   - For our massive 5k committee...
   - The 1st meeting will be held this
   - -We will be splitting the committee into subcommittees so if you are
   interested in planning on becoming an exec. next quarter this is a great
   opportunity to step up and head a sub committee!
   - -If you can't make the meeting please make sure to shoot us an e-mail
   at 5k.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com and we'll make sure you get committee
   hours a different way!


   - Weekly:Bake Sale Every Tuesday from 2-6p at Baker
   - **This week (1/10) it will be OUTSIDE
   - Need donations
   - Meeting at 8;30 before chapter at morton
   - Will be adding other fundraisers throughout weeks


   - http://www.scribd.com/doc/76691440/Brotherly-News-Fall-11
   - YAY newsletter
   - What does the PR chair do?
   - - Publicize APhiO on campus (invite press to to events, write press
   - - Run the Twitter account @APhiODeltaGamma
   - - Help Historian & Awards with Facebook Page
   - - Work with exec board to publicize events, important announcements
   - - Lead committee & provide hour opportunities
   - - Organize Brother of the Week articles with committee
   - - Organize & put together Quarterly newsletter- Brotherly News with
   - - Work with Historian to keep History tab on the website updated
   - *see Katie (call text beep) for more info on PR
   - Know a cool bro? email PR and let them know!


   - Birthdays over break:
   - Allison Hartman
   - Clasey Walters
   - Ashley Urbancic
   - Alyssa Laturballer
   - Briana Robinson
   - Joseph Eckenrode
   - Mckenzie Hood
   - Carly Damman
   - Emily Antonides
   - Natalie Hannabanana
   - Brittany Wisecup
   - Brady Smock
   - Mallory Runner
   - Lyndsey Noftz
   - Emma Jensen
   - Anna Bergstrom
   - Hannah Griswold
   - Matt Kill
   - Kierra Westmoreland

   - Birthdays last week
   - Katja Slatinsek January 1
   - Sidney Lawlor January 2
   - Theron Andrus January 3
   - Stephanie Brickleback January 6
   - Happy birthday to:
   - Kaylee Miller – Monday January 9
   - Tim Archer – Tuesday January 10
   - Rachel Rutherford – Friday January 13

SUPPORTIVE BRO – Victoria Vincent for stepping up!

   - If you don’t have a committee, let J-board know
   - Good at promo videos? Let Eric Horton know!
   - Bare on Bricks Feb 11: 10 people or more =$100


Wanna good laugh? --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-yLGIH7W9Y
Have a good week!
Brianna McTaggart
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


*5k:* 5k.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Awards:* awards.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Fellowship:* fellowship.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Fundraising:* fundraising.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Historian:* historian.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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*J-Board:* jboard.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Membership:* membership.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Ombudsmen:* ombudsmen.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*President:* president.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Public Relations: *pr.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Relay for Life: *relay4life.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Rush:* rush.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Service:* service.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Treasurer:* treasurer.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
*Youth Service: *youthservice.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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