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 Hello Brothers,

This is the last e-mail you will all be receiving before the 5k so make
sure to read it all:

   - If you are donating food please either bring it to the 5k (day of) or
   if you will not be able to attend the 5k then please drop the food
   donations off at Jackie's Apt. (on court st. the door to the left of
   Outerglow). You can drop it off anytime after 4:30 pm on Friday. Or just
   text her to see if she's home!
   - We EXPECT everyone to be at the 5k, unless you have e-mailed us an
   excuse that you can't come, everyone should be there.
   - We would like everyone to arrive between 11:05 am and 11:40 am to
   register and receive your t-shirt.
   - We will be having an APHIO registration table separately, so make sure
   you sign in there!
   - Please stay for the entire thing, we will be having free food and then
   raffling off door prizes once people are done running/walking.
   - Wall painting will be happening tonight!
   - If you are a SMILE MARKER, please arrive at the 5k no later then 11:00
   am so we can show you where to stand and cheer!
   - If you are on the "day of" 5k sub-committee please be there no later
   then 10:45 am.
   - We would love for everyone to come out to the benefit concert
   happening tomorrow (Thursday) from 8-11 pm at BW3's with a small donation
   and bring friends!
   - If you are ASSOCIATE you DO need to bring $15 with you because the
   registration was included in dues, but you didn't have to pay dues!

We hope everyone is super excited for the 5k and we just want to thank you
all for supporting us and not sending us 890453969 e-mails everyday!

   - *One opportunity to receive a 5k hour--if you bring 2 people outside
   of aphio (roommates, boy/girlfriends, classmates) to the 5k  and have them
   tell us your name when their registering you will receive another 5k hour
   (remember you can get 4 extra hours outside of the two 5k ones)!*
   - We will also be selling sibs weekend t-shirts at chapter on Sunday for
   $10 and buying 1 can count as 1 5k hour.

See everyone on Thursday at BW's for the benefit concert and  THIS

Questions, comments, or concerns--let us know.

In ATCO <3,

5k Co-Chairs
Alpha Phi Omega

Jackie Walsh
jw298807 at gmail.com

Monica Ruscher
mr254007 at ohio.edu

5k.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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